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5 Highly Advanced Augmented Reality Development Tools for Your Next Project

Augmented reality has made groundbreaking changes in the way we use digital products and transformed nearly every business sector. From healthcare to education, architecture to gaming and entertainment, a lot of popular industries are making most of this advanced technology. Many app development companies are leveraging this advanced technology to create AR apps. If you are a developer and working on a complex development project that needs advanced functionality and innovative technologies, using AR development tools is a great idea to make it a big hit.

If you are wondering how to use AR in your app development the project here is a list of some of the best-augmented reality development tools that you can use for your next project.

Let’s explore.

1. Vuforia

Vuforia is one of the best AR development platforms that helps you develop augmented reality applications. With Vuforia’s advanced functionalities, such as area target, model targets, scanned model targets, simulation play mode, and tracking scale, you can develop highly engaging AR experiences. Vuforia offers a Matterport Pro2 camera that helps developers to create an in-depth 3D scan of any location. Model targets are the most advanced functionality of the Vuforia AR development platform that uses CAD models for tracking. Its scanned model target feature allows your development team to create more powerful AR experiences. The simulation play mode helps developers to better visualize their apps and come up with a better final product.

2. Apple ARKit and RealityKit

If you are thinking of outstanding augmented reality experience for iOS users, then choosing Apple ARKit and RealityKit is an excellent idea. With Apple’s creative tools such as Reality Composer and Reality Converter, you can out-of-the-box AR experiences. The ARKit 4 allows you to access in-depth information that is collected by the LiDAR scanner on iPad Pro. With location anchoring, you can access high-resolution data in Apple Maps.

Reality Composer allows you to create interactive AR experiences by quickly converting your existing 3D models to USDZ. The best part about using Reality Compose is that it will work seamlessly on all AR-enabled iOS devices. The live linking allows you to move between Mac and hpone and then export them to AR Quick Look. The built-in AR library allows you to choose hundreds of ready-made virtual objects and then customize their size and style as per your preferences. You can also add animations to virtual objects and use spatial audio to add a great touch of reality to your apps.

A lot of people often have the question about how far we can take technology and VR. Have you ever asked can you 3d scan with your iPhone. Well the answer might shock you, but it’s yes!

3. ARCore

Google’s ARCore is one of the best development platforms for creating AR-based apps. ARCore allows you to use different APIs for Android and iOS devices to create memorable AR experiences. This AR development platform offers three main functionalities, motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. With its motion tracking feature, your phone can easily track its position. Environmental understanding makes it easier for the device to determine the size and location of different surfaces. While, with its light estimation feature, your phone can easily estimate the lighting condition of the environment.

Google ARCore will help your app development team to work on a number of Android devices that are using Android 7.0 and advanced versions. The motion tracking functionality of ARCore uses the device’s camera to determine different positions and track how those points can move. This platform allows you to work with Java, OpenGL, Unreal, and Unity Technologies. Furthermore. ARCore also helps you to create 3D objects by using Tilt Brush and Blocks VR building tools.

4. EasyAR

EasyAR is a great AR development platform that you can use for your next AR app project. Unfortunately, this platform is overlooked by most developers as it doesn’t have a built-in object manager. The tool allows you to identify the objects by recreating initially predefined 3D models. EasyAR Sense offers highly advanced algorithm components and platform support that will help your team of developers to incorporate more AR functionalities. Moreover, EasyAR is a standalone SDK that is compatible with a number of platforms, including Android, iOS, Unity Editor, Unity, Mac OS, Windows, and more.

With the help of the EasyAR platform, your team of developers can recognize images, identify 3D objects, recognize clouds, record the screen, perceive the environment, export, import, and integrate files.

5. MaxST

MaxST AR SDK is a power AR development platform that can integrate with the IMU sensor and provides a robust SLAM solution for smartphones, robots, and wearable devices. The platform is packed with all the important features and environments you need to develop a killer AR app. From images, 3D content, and chroma-key videos, MaxST allows you to use a variety of content types for your app development project. The Instant Tracker allows your development team to recognize the object by using its camera and allows you to place the desired content.

Its Visual SLAM technology helps you collect feature points of 3D space with a smartphone camera and create a virtual map. With its Object Tracker, you can easily import map files that are created with a visual SLAM tool and improve your desired content. MaxST also offers an image tracker, market tracker, QR code tracker, barcode reader, and cloud recognizer to make the development process easier and simpler. MaxST is a cross-platform that can support all platforms, including iOS, Android, windows, Unity 3d plug-in, and macOS. It is one of the best app development solutions as it provides all the necessary features that you need or developing AR apps.

Whether you are a freelancer or working for a mobile app development company, hopefully, this list will help you make a wise decision and come up with a highly functional AR app for your company.


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