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In today’s era almost all of the businesses prevalent around this world require a unique identification, ‘custom logo‘ in order to build their brand. Therefore, getting a logo designed for business has become a necessity. Designhillprovides you with a logo maker that is amazing and easy to use to create an outstanding logo design.

As time changes our needs change as well. Therefore, designing a logo again and again according to present needs can become a little arduous task.

But that is not the case with Designhill. This logo makerhas kept in mind the importance and need of generating a logo with time clicking so fast.

 It has easy steps which do not require much effort and guides you to a list of personalised logos with customization options. 

Designhill has a logo creator which can create a professional logo in just 5 minutes.

If you wish to create a perfect logo for your company, follow our guide-


Logos represent the personality of a brand. It plays an integral role in branding your business. Designhill logo makerhelps you design a suitable logo for your business in a very easy and interesting manner.

First step is to enter the company’s name to generate an appropriate logo design. Name of the company matters as it is the core area where the software focusses. 

In a custom logo of a company, the name of the company must be represented. Logo is a representation of your company and if it does not portray to which company it belongs, the whole purpose would be lost.


In order to become successful every thoughtful person searches for an inspiration which can guide you through the path. Same is the case with logo designing. Here your inspiration is those perfect logos of perfect brands. 

A lot of successful businesses are working worldwide.

Those business logos teach you what is important and how you can incorporate your ideas to become successful and stand out in the competition.

Our logo makereases your way by providing you a huge variety of logo templates from our logo creator library to help you choose samples which will represent your business perfectly.

It depends on you to choose at least 5 appropriate logo templates to give software an idea about what you demand.


A unique and catchy logo has a perfect composition of colours. 

Designhill logo makerprovides a variety of shades to choose from to create a perfect custom logo designas well as represents principles and values of your company to the target audience.

Various colours have different effects on our mind. Some are proven to produce a bold and warm effect such as red shades while few produce a calming effect like pink, purple shades. Black portrays a classy effect.

Logo makergives you a colour palette to choose the colours which can represent the values of your brand perfectly. Furthermore, preferences of men and women in colours vary highly. So, if your brand focuses on the female audience, try to use shades but for the male viewers use tints.

Choosing from various shades can become a little difficult for some. Our logo creatorprovides you an extremely easy option to let the software choose appropriate colours depending on the other  information provided.


No technical skills are demanded to create a logo designwith Designhill logo maker. Logo designing has never been easier with softwares present to simplify our work. 

You just need to enter specific details and logo creation service generates a list of logos automatically.

One specific detail from that list is entering what industry your company or brand belongs to.

The industry which your company deals with provides the much needed insight to create a logo which speaks volumes for your business. For instance, if the industry is Cosmetics and beauty then the logo must have a feminine and beauty touch rather than a bold and heavy effect.

On the contrary, if the industry of your brand is technology, feminine look will not do the deed.

One other feature in the 4th step is mentioning your slogan. If your company has a particular slogan, it can be used to provide a clearer picture about the brand’s purpose and vibe.


It is the most appealing and interesting step which asks you to select upto 5 icons or symbols from a huge variety.

These chosen icons are then represented on the logo.

Considering human behaviour, it is natural that we get easily attracted by pictorial representation rather than words.We have the ability to memorize a icon or picture just by having a glance.

This feature can help you create a memorable logo design. Customers or viewers will easily recognize your brand and ultimately build a positive image in their mind.

Also, we are very well aware of how crucial first impressions are. Brand logo creates first impression in the viewer’s mind which does not change easily. Therefore, designing an appealing, memorable and unique logo with gorgeous icons is the need.


When you complete all of the 5 steps given above, a list of logo templates appears.These logos represent your brand, brand’s name, purpose and communicates with the audience. 

From the given list, you can pick out your favourite logo designswhich sets you apart, is memorable and helps you to attain a huge business following.

This logo makeralso helps you customize your logo according to your own needs. You can easily customize spacing, font size or colour and other elements in logo design.  

You can also download high resolution logo files for much better features and it also makes logo designing simpler.

A logo, which is the face of your brand holds a grand purpose and is a visual representation of values of your brand. 

Designhill logo makerhas unique features to help you create a unique piece of work which is a key to steady growth. Our easy to follow steps make your work easier as well as simpler. With such softwares around, logo designing has become so much easier.


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