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How to Host Your Site Successfully on MilesWeb Shared Hosting?

An old phrase says, “Shared joy is doubled joy.” It is true when it comes to sharing happiness and positivity. However, sharing server resources also gives you a joyful experience in web hosting operations. For that purpose, you must collaborate with reliable web hosting providers. One among them is MilesWeb offering top-notch shared hosting services for Linux and Windows operating systems. Get Linux shared web hosting service and enhance your website’s presence with optimal hosting features.

Undoubtedly, shared hosting plans are inexpensive hosting services without compromising hosting operations. If you have created your site for the first time, shared hosting is preferably the best hosting option. Now, many are first-time readers of this post. You might be looking for different web hosting options to build and scale your websites, but believe that fully managed web hosting powered by MilesWeb is helpful for new website owners.

We have curated this quick guide for you, highlighting some measures and information related to how can you host a site successfully with their shared hosting plan? Keep reading.

Shared Hosting: A Brief Introduction

Many of the readers are reading this ‘shared hosting’ terminology. By shared hosting, we mean that server resources are distributed among different hosting account users. The main reason to distribute server resources is to do hosting operations hassle-free. If you have also purchased the shared hosting plan, you have the upper hand because you will not be paying the entire amount to use servers.

Many hosting account users will be using the server to host websites and applications. However, not all shared hosting plans are a good option for you. Make the smart choice and choose a reliable web hosting company MilesWeb.

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MilesWeb, the leading web hosting company, offers SSD-based servers and unlimited bandwidth to host volumes of websites and applications. It means there are no performance-related issues and users get a guaranteed uptime of upto 99.95%.

If we talk about costs, shared hosting plans start at A$1.2 per month (Tyro plan). The maximum cost of a shared hosting plan (Turbo) costs you around A$5.4 per month.

Why opt for shared hosting plans?

When you choose the shared hosting plans of MilesWeb, you are paying for servers and other hosting features. These features include managed server support, control panel, optimized WordPress, 1-Click installer and many more. All such features are relevant for your smooth hosting operations. Activities like managing domains, getting tech support and others becomes a cakewalk if you use reliable shared hosting plans by MilesWeb.

Steps to Host Your Website

1.      Research Web Hosting Providers

Purchasing a web hosting service is like other products or services. However, you always research and follow the right trend to purchase top-quality products. Thus, follow the same approach in choosing a web hosting provider. We have made the task simpler for you because there are several web hosting companies. But the trustworthy services are provided by MilesWeb. They are a highly-rated web hosting company with good testimonials and a good client base.

2.      Fix Your Budget

Always keep a spare budget to pay hosting companies. MilesWeb offers you affordable web hosting plans with a reliable hosting infrastructure. As we have already mentioned, the pricing structure of MilesWeb is affordable, and they do not put the burden on your pocket and provide top-notch web hosting services. If you want to initiate your online journey, we don’t think A$1.2 per month would be a challenge! It is lesser than your monthly postpaid connection charges.

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3.      Choose the Hosting Plan

As there are four hosting plans available with MilesWeb, it is upto you which hosting plan suits your requirement. Figure out your website size and the memory it will require. Then, choose the hosting plan accordingly. You will be multiple SSD disk space options; determine which memory size is compatible with your site. With MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans, you can host upto unlimited domains.

4.      Signup for hosting

Are you done with all of the above steps? It is time to signup for web hosting plans. Add to the cart your hosting plan and all your domain details and prerequisite information that MilesWeb asks for. If you want to add on some features like backup or more, you can pay an additional amount and enjoy those services.

5.      Customize The Site

Once done with all purchases, your domain is registered, and MilesWeb will provide your login credentials for your hosting dashboard. Now, it is your turn to customize the site and make relevant changes to enhance your site’s quality. Ensure your site has a good UX.

Last Words

Shared hosting plans are feasible to host your sites with optimal hosting resources. MilesWeb offers managed server support with amazing features like the control panel, 1-Click installer and others to enhance your hosting experience. A good website performance gives you more traffic and boosts your online presence.


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