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How to Launch a Product on Instagram? The Subtle Art of Increasing Sales

If you see Instagram as a thriving platform for sales, you must first understand how to launch a product on Instagram. Though you’ll be able to always lead your followers to your website, you’ll be able to also use Instagram shopping that produces shopping through the app possible. With over one billion monthly users on Instagram, you have already got an excellent chance to extend your sales using Instagram. If you want to get more Instagram free followers to promote your brands, GetInsta would be a good choice.

What’s Instagram Shopping?

In 2017, Instagram released its new feature as Instagram shopping that allowed businesses, brands, or celebrities to set up an online shopping store.

However, To be eligible for eCommerce on Facebook or Instagram app, you must turn your account into a shoppable one which needs some requirements.

Why use Instagram Shopping?

Why not, honestly? Statistics tell you that more than millions of users click on a shopping post on a minimum of once per month. So, just consider the amount of sales!

How to Launch Instagram Shopping?

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Check for Eligibility

Check these requirements to see whether your business is eligible or not:

  • Instagram shopping should be available in your location.
  • You can sell physical products only.
  • It’s merely available for business accounts.
  • Your IG account must be connected to a Facebook page where your catalog of products is displayed.

2. Set Up a Facebook Shop/Catalog

Here’s where all your products are listed and you can start to sell them. So, when your followers tap on a product in your shoppable post on Instagram, they’re going to be directed to such a catalog. There, they’ll see your products and shop for them.

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Here are the steps to line up a store on Facebook:

  • You have to be an admin on Facebook
  • Owning your Facebook page/catalog and the Instagram business account could be a must.
  • Finally, you need to have managing permissions for your Facebook page/catalog to connect it to your Instagram business account.

3. Wait for Instagram Shopping Approval

Now, it’s time to submit your account for review. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings on Instagram.
  • Tap Business.
  • Then tap Sign Up for Instagram Shopping.
  • Finish by following the steps and hitting Submit.

It may take some days to get approval.

4. Find Shopping Option

Your setting will show another option named Shopping as soon as you get approval.

5. Launch a Shoppable Post

Do the identical steps that you just normally do for a post. You have got one additional step ahead which is to tag up to 5 products on the photo or video. The names that you just tag have to be identified as on your Facebook catalog.

6. Launch a Shoppable Story

To add your products to a story, you ought to tap on the sticker icon and choose the Product. Choose the product you would like to sell from your product catalog.

How to Increase Your Sales Using Instagram Shopping?

To scale your business on Instagram and increase your sales on Instagram using Instagram shopping, you must bear these tips in mind:

1. Be Creative

Modern people are bombarded daily by images and different concepts through the media. Creativity is truly the art of mixing these images and ideas together and creating a striking work of art. This is often how your posts engage your followers and you’ll be able to use the high engagement to sell your products.

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2. Post Regularly

Find out the hours during the day when there are lots of users on Instagram and post at those times to get more engagement. You can trust AI scheduling tools and arrange a quantity of posts and set a time and date to be posted automatically. A number of these scheduling apps also allow you to post on Instagram using your PC.

3. Optimize Your Profile

A decent and good logo may be a perfect business profile picture because it shows you simply are professional. Write a powerful bio using the keywords or informative data about your business. Moreover, you’ll be able to add social media link to Instagram bio and refer your followers to that in your captions or stories.

4. Adopt a Signature

Use different grids and themes for your account. Aesthetically speaking, adopting your own mode and signature helps you determine your brand identity as well as the visual impression it leaves on your audience.

5. Use Hashtags/Locations

Hashtag/Location features can increase the likelihood of the engagement growth of your post by displaying it to a wider audience. So, when users look for a selected hashtag or location that you simply have also used, they’ll see your post.

Actually, users are allowed to add a maximum number of 30 hashtags per IG post. Consider smart hashtags by brainstorming about the concept of your post. Use caution not to use the extremely popular hashtags or unpopular hashtags. Using hashtags also increases the prospect of appearing on the Shop tab on the Explore.

6. Be Authentic

Keep your brand voice and convince your followers to listen to it by being attractively authentic. Captions are the proper places where you’ll express yourself as a brand or business. Speak about the concept behind a product, use an inspirational quotation, etc.

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7. Use Offers and Codes

Actually, we can say that “Sales!” is potentially the foremost alluring remark associated with shopping! We all wish to buy something and pay less than its real price. Accordingly, announce a limited offer or a promotional code for a limited time.

8. Emphasize on Your Customer Service

Many folks rather buy from businesses and firms that care about their customers even after they buy a product. Let your followers know exactly what types of customer services you offer. For example, announce if you have got a free exchange, warranties, cashback, or a 24/7 online help/support center.

9. Share Your Own Story

On the way to be authentic, you’ll be able to also narrate your background and tell your story. Introduce your team, your stories, and the history of your brand in a very cool language and connect with your followers.

10. Promote Your Products Creatively

Teach your followers ways to use a kitchen tool, ways to use an electronic device, ways to use the various colors of eyeshadow for a particular makeup, etc. Then tag your product on the tutorial video and sell.

11. Share UGC

UGC or User-Generated Content is the content that your followers post that features your products. If you share them, you give an awesome credit to your brand. Your other followers will also get inspired.

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After having launched your products on your Instagram shopping account, you ought to focus on adopting particular Instagram marketing strategies to extend your engagement. Keep in mind that the entire process requires persistent endeavor and devotion to become successful. Wish you luck!

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