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Top 5 Email Marketing Tools Help You Grow Your Business


Many diverse kinds of marketing trends are introduced in the system and change the whole product marketing concept. After the massive growth in the digital marketing trends, many new concepts like social media marketing and email marketing both make the continued growth. Email marketing is slightly different from the other forms of digital marketing concepts like social media marketing. Emails have more official and serious messages. This is the reason when the marketers are focusing on the targeted consumers. They send email messages.

5 Best Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Whatever marketing concepts you are currently following, like B2B or B2C. The study shows that almost 80% of the consumers are interested in the specific products after receiving the marketing emails. But sending emails to your hundreds of audiences is not an easy task, but when you have the proper email marketing tools, you can complete the work within a few clicks.

Here is the name of the five best email marketing tools for you which positively contribute to your business growth.

1. HubSpot Email Marketing Tool

In the 2021 Hubspot, email marketing solutions are the best automatic marketing tool. These multiple functional areas and the operational versatility make this platform famous. Many marketers are using this platform because of your cell phone. You can operate the functions. And when you are focusing on the targeted audiences the time is crucial. The HubSpot free email marketing tool is free.

You can simply use the automatic editor option through drag and drop features. Then, use the ready-made templates to create the emails and send them to many consumers, which Is a simple three-step process. Finally, you can complete the whole marketing work.

2.  MailChimp

Mailchimp is another good option for email marketing. Mail chimp both have free and the paid options. The free email Mailchimp email marketing plans are giving you two facilities: one for an attractive marketing emails creation, and another for scheduling the email sending.

The content manager of Mailchimp is straightforward to use. You can simply create an attractive email format from the content manager and attach the images there. Furthermore, the scheduling options are helping you to maintain the marketing timing. In addition, the automatic mailing systems of Mailchimp allow you to monitor the buyer’s journey.

3. Sender

Many marketers do not only want the tool to send marketing emails.  So along with the marketing emails, you can create newsletters for better audience impressions. Of course, the monotonous written contents are not always making a big impression on the products. But the beautiful newsletters are always adequate to drive more sales.

The Sender has very robust analytical features in it. For example, you can research the audience’s reactions and can monitor who is clicking on the links after opening the emails. These analytical features of the Sender add more advantages for the users. Hence, you can add images, videos, and text to create your marketing emails.

4. Send Pulse

Like HubSpot, Sendplus is a multichannel marketing platform. Various features and paid options are present there. Send plus also has very robust analytical features. For example, you can see your most valuable subscribers with the Sender plus subscriber’s rationing process. Like the Sender, you also can research the consumer’s reactions to these analytical features.

You are getting multiple professionally designed email templates for your use. You can customize these templates and add your content to create your marketing emails. The drag and drop features of the editors are making your email creating process easy and fast. You can create attractive marketing emails and send the emails to the consumers at the proper timing.

5. Mailer Lite

Most of the free email marketing tools offer email creations and scheduling options. But when the email marketing tools have analytical features like you can see the viewers list who is opening your emails and click on the links, your search is becoming more target-driven. The automatic landing page builders and the pop-up customization options are making the difference.

The content manager is more robust with rich content editor options. Therefore you can create very stunning marketing emails with the use of these photo editors. Furthermore, versatile types of templates are available for the users, and you can research the campaigning reports, click rates, and open rates from this single platform.

Wrapping It Up:

All of these five tools come with multiple attractive features. And these features are constantly added to more advantages for email marketing. All these five tools are free, but when you want to explore the more advanced features of the email marketing tools, you have to go for the paid and the promotional packages. But first, you have to analyze your product’s category and how to make an impression on the audience. Then select the right tool for your use.

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