December 28


Top Ways to Compose a Compelling Marketing Resume

Marketing serves to be a vast and interesting field that keeps evolving. Whether you are a brand manager or a digital marketer, analyst, or copywriter, or involved in any other aspect of the marketing career, you become a part of the constantly emerging trends. As such, you are expected to think out of the box and keep telling exciting stories. Before you are capable of doing any of that, you are expected to come up with a compelling marketing resume. To know more about resume writing tips & tricks, check out this site.

Resumes are integral components in almost every field out there. In the field of marketing, your resume is not just your first-ever contact with some prospective employer. It also serves to be your first sample. In the end, when you are searching for a job, you are indeed marketing yourself. Whether or not you are a professional marketer, here are some essential tips to come up with a compelling marketing resume:

#Note Down Achievement-Focused and Quantified Bullet Points

The bulk of the substance of any resume is the presence of important bullet points. These refer to the brief descriptions that you place under the section of your past jobs. The bullet points help in explaining what you have done in the past (in education or activities) and what you have accomplished. For drafting a marketing resume, placing these components are crucial as it will tell the future employers how well you are capable of coming up with a specific, brief, and easily understandable statement to interest the readers.

When you are noting down the bullet points in your marketing resume, you should not just list down duties. Explain what you have accomplished so far. During your last employment, did you increase the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)? Did you expand the user base? Were you given some recognition? As you focus on your achievements in the bullet points, it will tell the recruiters and hiring managers what you have done and how well you did the same.

#Personalize Your Message

You should not aim at submitting the same marketing resume for every job application. Rather than this, you can consider customizing the resume for every post or company.

The primary thing is understanding who you are, what your values are, and how that remains relevant to the current employer. From this point, you can make the decision of the particular information that you wish to include for every job. This serves to be quite crucial in the field of marketing. For instance, if you wish to move to a specialized role in the field of social media marketing, then you should dedicate more resume space to the aspects related to social media on your past jobs.

Additionally, you can also research about the company to understand its values while incorporating the same into your marketing resume. If a company focuses on collaboration and teamwork, then you can specify the moments in which you have been a part of specific teams.

#Research and Input Relevant Keywords

Are you submitting the job application online? In most cases, it tends to pass through the ATS or Application Tracking System. It is a software solution responsible for scanning your resume to search for relevant keywords. Recruiters are mostly required to go through a number of resumes. Therefore, they prefer quickly going through relevant keywords that might be specific to the given job description. You can consider working on the given set of keywords into the bullet points in your resume organically.

Every job description will have a different set of keywords. Therefore, you can customize this area into your marketing resume. Go through every job posting carefully to understand the mandatory or essential skills, qualities, and qualifications to help you find the right keywords. Some of the marketing-specific keywords that you can place in your resume are:

  • Blog writing
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Analysis
  • Acquisition
  • Collaboration
  • Content marketing
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Email marketing


It is important to remember that your resume just serves to be a marketing document for yourself. When you apply some of the essential principles, you can increase the likelihood of landing on your dream job.


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