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Ways to Speed Up Your WooCommerce Online Store

Website users who are looking to develop eCommerce platforms mostly prefer WooCommerce. For them, setting up a WooCommerce store is easy. They just buy a domain name from the WooCommerce hosting providers and the same plugin in their WordPress sites. Remember that offering domains are counted as one of the best WooCommerce hosting features. Such hosting companies make the WooCommerce site perform efficiently. If your shopping site is performing well, it will help in generating more revenue and make your site competitive with the internet landscape.

According to one statistic, 40% of online shoppers do not wait more than 3 seconds for a retail site to load. So, you require a reliable server with optimal hosting infrastructure. Buy enterprise-class dedicated servers because such servers give an isolated hosting environment with the top-quality server resources CPU, RAM, and disk space.

So far you have read about only web hosting operations that help in enhancing your site’s performance. Do you want to read some other ways to enhance the speed of your WooCommerce site? Below we have curated the list of some amazing ways to boost your WooCommerce site.

Why Is Speed Matter in Shopping Sites?

We know that many of you have browsed shopping sites and purchased products from online platforms. What if you experience any technical problems or page loading issues while purchasing products from the online store? Most of you will abandon the shopping cart and leave that site.

This same thing is highlighted in statistics. Facts and figures show that 80% of users get frustrated due to slow-speed shopping carts. Another study shows that 73% of online buyers switch to their competitors if a website is taking too much time to load.

Moreover, a 100-millisecond of delay of your website can put a negative impact on your conversion rates by 7%. Furthermore, 2 seconds of website loading delay spikes the bounce rate by a whopping 103%.

Suppose your site is generating $1000 daily revenue, you can lose $25,250 annually because of the 100-milliseconds delay. Hence, the wider the business is, the more concentration should be on the website’s performance.

Therefore, in the above section of this post, we have discussed more choosing web hosting plans. By choosing a reliable web hosting server, you can maximize your site’s efficiency.

Not just in terms of monetary loss but also you can face the loss in search engine rankings. Page loading speed is also important for your SEO optimization efforts. It can lower your search engine rankings which will result in lesser traffic.

How Can You Boost Your WooCommerce Site’s Speed?

1.      Optimizing WordPress Images

Compelling visuals always attract the attention of online visitors. Visuals like images and videos are an important part of websites. Therefore, you should optimize your images and visual content. Using non-optimized images on the website can put a negative effect on UX (user experience). Large size image files take time in loading and slow your website also. Due to this, you will get poor rankings on search engines in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Hence, to overcome this problem, you should install different image optimizer plugins in your WooCommerce site’s dashboard and optimize your image.  As a result, you can experience a good uptime of your site and generate a good outcome through it.

2.      Implement Caching

A WooCommerce user browses plenty of other websites and web files. It means, there are many cache cookies stored in their devices which results in a slower speed of your WooCommerce store. To make your online store faster, you need to reduce the data or cache cookies amount from your system, database, and server.

Web servers host different internet files and store the history of websites and other internet data. Due to overload on servers, your WooCommerce site can turn out to be slow. Hence, either you can buy a web server with optimal storage or remove some data from the server. this process is called server caching.

When users exchange data between computer systems and browsers, the system stores cache cookies. Hence, you should remove cache cookies from your browsers before accessing the WooCommerce site.

3.      High-Quality Web Hosting Services

Choose a reliable web hosting company offering 24×7 technical support, control panels, and top-performing servers to host your WooCommerce site with a higher uptime. Some of them also guarantee more than 99% uptime. You must choose a web hosting company offering a good uptime and performance assurance of your website. They have their data centers worldwide so, online shoppers can access your site from any corner of the globe.

Final Line

In a nutshell, there are many other ways to enhance WooCommerce sites’ speed. But choosing the web hosting provider is much more efficient. You need to find a reliable web hosting provider like MilesWeb offering high-quality web hosting services with compelling hosting features. their SSD-based servers and higher bandwidth to enhance your site’s speed.



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