January 20


Why should new businesses use a local SEO audit? 3 reasons for new businesses!

Businesses need to come up with ways to stay relevant. With a market that is constantly changing and coming up with new competition, already existing businesses need to find out how to retain customers, how to get new clients, and what sets them apart from the rest. If you are a business just like any other, why would people choose you?

Something needs to set you apart when it comes to the crowd. Do you offer a special product? Do you offer better deals than your competition? Is your customer service unparalleled and keeps your clients coming back for more? Whatever the reason, find out what makes you tick and roll with it.

One of the most important factors when it comes to establishing new businesses is to find your unique niche and then broadcast that to the world. But how can you make sure that YOUR Business is the one that shows up on search engines? When People Google something related to your business, does your company show up in the top results on Google?

If not, there is a problem. Let’s see how a new business can fix this and why it is important!

3 reasons new businesses absolutely must use a local SEO audit for their company!

Local SEO, which stands for local search engine optimization, is basically a strategy to help boost your visibility and appearance on search engine results by using keywords in your web pages. However, there is much more thought and effort that goes into this process. You need to use strategic keywords in your content, optimize your content for mobile users, update your metadata, and build links within your page.

Furthermore, local SEO helps take basic SEO further by helping customers find the businesses with the specific keywords that are in their local area. If you search for a personal training business, but the results only show businesses across the world, it isn’t very helpful is it?

Increase web traffic

One of the main benefits of using a local SEO audit, such as Nush Marketing Solutions, is to improve your web traffic and enhance click through treats. If you do not use local SEO, then you might not be getting visitors to your page to truly see what you are all about. You might get passed over by a mobile user if your page is not optimized for iPhones, meaning you are losing thousands of customers per day.

Stay competitive

The second reason to use a local SEO audit as a new business is to stay competitive with local businesses. You need to be ranked among the top local searches when people browse for a keyword related to your business. Even if you have the same offering as your competition, you need to show up higher than them on a search engine.

Build links with local businesses

The third reason to use a local SEO audit for a new business is to help form relationships with local businesses, not just fight them as the competition.


Using a local SEO audit as a new business is a smart and foolproof way to increase web traffic, gain new customers, broadcast your product or service, stay competitive in the immediate area, and build relationships with local businesses.


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