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6 Commendable Ways How Content Writing Facelifts Marketing Strategies

As a marketer, whether of a commercial product or the services of an academic website where students request writers “please write my essay,” when you advertise your products or services on different platforms, what’s your primary target?

Leads? Yes.

Sales? Of course!

But your sole focus is to get people’s attention.

Consumer attention is the most valuable asset for any business. Gone are the days when a regular TV ad or billboard would do the trick for you. Now most consumers either switch channels or activate ad-blockers in time of ads.

Although such advertising techniques aren’t entirely wrong, mainly when your business generates a massive ROI, you must focus on the long-term if you want to survive in the growing competition – and that’s where content writing comes into play.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is nothing but creating engaging and high-quality texts to educate the targeted consumers. It is the job of the content writers to create interactive content highlighting the preliminary information about the product and service to connect with new customers. Businesses can gain new leads and increase the conversion rates by creating content that their potential customers are looking for.

Role of Content In Marketing

Consumer’s attention is constantly shifting – thanks to tech advancements and digital platforms. 80% of businesses now prefer to advertise their services in articles and blogs rather than traditional advertisements. Even for email marketing, a study shows that 40% of people want brands to send more informative emails with infographics, blog post links, etc., rather than exclusive promotional content.

When an increasing number of potential customers move from traditional marketing methods to digital technology, businesses must give the customers what they want in the most straightforward manner.

With good digital content, you can create a unique message and style to improve your customer creation efforts. It helps your potential customers to learn about your brand and influences their purchasing decisions.

Importance Of Content Writing In Marketing In 2021

Let’s now understand how content writing is of paramount significance in marketing.

#1 Builds trust and improves brand awareness:

Even if you are a 50 years old brand, gaining and retaining your customer’s trust is the most crucial element for business success. High-quality content writing helps your customers learn about your products and builds trust.

The majority of the customers use multiple social media platforms to access information. When you write more and more helpful content for different social accounts, emails, websites, etc., your target customers tend to identify your brand and learn more.

Also, well-written content is shareable. When your potential audience finds people sharing your content on multiple platforms, they are inclined to develop an opinion and trust your brand.

#2 Optimised content improves search engine ranking:

These days, Google is the answer to all our queries. Millions of users turn to Google when they want a solution. The moment you create content around the most searched keywords, answering people’s queries improves your website’s search ranking.

Well-structured, brilliantly written content is one of the SEO pillars, which can massively impact your search results and site ranking. The more useful content you write for your readers, the higher you will rank. Also, the high ranking will help you stay on the first page of the search engine and cut down your additional advertising expense.

#3 Brings quality backlinks and more traffic:

In SEO ranking, links play an essential role. Let’s say the content writer is writing about an assignment help website that has recently launched a paraphrasing tool. S/he can mention the link of the tool in the content – be it a blog or an article.

Linking other websites to content can enhance the quality and strengthen the initial idea. If the link mentioned in the content is relevant to what users’ searches, on clicking, they will be redirected to the tool page, driving more traffic to the particular site.

However, keep in mind that the ranking also depends on the website’s authority linking to you. If you choose websites with higher domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) to link your content, the chances of getting more traffic are higher. More visits from other websites also mean your site’s page authority increases.

#4 Educates the consumers:

One of the primary purposes of writing content is to educate your site visitors. Whether you are launching a new product or promoting existing services, the thing you must remember is that not all customers are looking to buy all the time – and that’s completely okay.

Even if the potential consumers are not ready to buy, they certainly would have questions about a specific product or service. As a brand marketer, it falls on you to educate your (potential) customers and guide them through different purchasing stages, offering suitable CTAs.

Once the content writer takes an interest in knowing the customers’ personal preference, s/he can create personalised content to meet their queries and nurture their relationship for a positive outcome.

#5 Helps in customer retention:

Irrespective of the type of business, you aim to establish a large, loyal customer base and retain it. But how do you retain customers amidst such cut-throat competition?

Well, with a solid content marketing strategy.

An excellent marketing strategy is incomplete without compelling written content. Strong, relevant, up-to-date content compels customers to return to you for more. For instance, you can refer to your favourite brands’ websites. Ask yourself why is your favourite in the first place?

The chances are high that you love the way they engage with you about their products. The writing skills – be it a blog or an Instagram post, keeps you hooked to their content. Similarly, give your customers quality, and they will have a reason to come back to your site.

#6 Supports digital marketing strategy:

Quality content is highly needed to launch any digital marketing campaign. Why? Simple; it supports different aspects of digital marketing and allows potential customers to engage and interact with you.

When you do online marketing for your brand, you use tools like social media marketing (SMM), influencer marketing, PPC ads, and affiliate marketing, and so on. While there are several ways you can connect with your target customers, but they all have one thing in common.

Amazing content! Only qualified content writers know the tricks to create top-quality content relevant to the need of the target audience and to make sure it reaches the right audience at the right time.


Thanks to the fast-speed internet, customers are now just a click away. They are continuously scrolling and scrutinising sites to find the best from the lot. Good quality written content can help them differentiate you from the herd and visit your website. That’s why leverage the power of writing and focus on delivering quality content. It’s your content that will build a strong relationship with your target customers and help them trust you in return.


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