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Why Link Building Is Paramount to Your 2021 Digital Marketing Plan

Link building refers to the strategy of getting web pages to link to each other. It happens by acquiring the links from other websites and applying them to the primary side. It also helps readers navigate between different pages of the Internet and boost their knowledge of specific topics. It’s also crucial for search engine ranking. Google uses algorithms that determine which of the websites available online are most relevant to the keywords searched for by users. Given the number of websites to rank, it’s important to have the necessary elements to do well. If applying different building strategies can be exhausting, the expertise of a reputable Phoenix SEO agency can be helpful. While link building isn’t a new concept, it remains one of the most important strategies to be popular online. In 2021, it will continue to be a strategy used by different websites.

It helps create relationships 

The first reason for link building is to create relationships. There are different businesses online, and it would be great to establish a relationship with them. The reciprocal relationship between businesses can go a long way. One of the reasons to establish a relationship is for guest blogging. Some blogs are popular, and creating content for them can make the website more visible. The content may include the website link, and if the reader found the information useful, they can click on it. They will then get redirected to the primary page and have a chance to become a customer. Some blogs have a niche, and the people reading them could be the same group that the business targets to become customers. Hence, building a relationship would be great. There could also be other potential partnerships beyond guest blogging, and it can further the company’s success.

Improve traffic and potential sales

When there are more links to the website, more people can see the page. If they feel convinced after navigating the page, they can immediately turn into paying customers. It will lead to an increase in sales. Not all traffic is valuable. Some of them are of poor quality. It means that it’s not the traffic that the website is looking for. However, if it came from other businesses or related websites, it’s of good quality. There’s a good chance that these are the same people that the business wants to have.

Increase search engine ranking

Search engines have different methods of determining which website will rank high. One of the crucial factors is the presence of backlinks. If there are more links to the website on the internet, search engines will view it positively. It shows that the website is an authority. It contains relevant information that the search engine can recommend to its users. It might also spell the difference if the competition is tough. There are other websites producing quality content. However, if they don’t have tons of backlinks, they wouldn’t rank high.

The website becomes an authority source

One of the goals of link building is for the website to turn into an authority source. It means that when people search for information, they know where to go. They see the website as an authority. It takes time to reach that point, but it’s possible. Besides, there are plenty of spaces for websites that aim to be an authority. Even if there are already existing authority sites for specific topics, there could be more. When people want to know more information, they will eliminate other options and stick only with the authority sites they know. If thousands of people already deemed the website as an authority, it will continue to rank high in search engines.

The key to becoming an authority page is quality content. The information provided should be unique and of top quality. They can be a product of research or studies conducted by experts. They have to be easy to understand, especially for readers who don’t have expert knowledge. Quality content shouldn’t have grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It would be difficult to claim expertise if simple issues appear in the content.

Potential strategies to build more links 

Apart from writing quality content and becoming a guest blogger, there are other ways to build more links. Releasing quality video is one of them. The truth is that more people prefer watching videos than reading long articles. Videos are also easy to share across platforms, including social media.

Writing an ebook might not be a popular strategy. However, if used correctly, it can be powerful. People who write e-books are probably experts. They also put too much effort into publishing one. The good thing is that e-books are available for sale across different platforms. Even before link building, e-books are already useful to boost the company’s profits. On Amazon, the books are available for people who want to buy them. They might also be potential customers for the products and services sold by the company. Therefore, creating e-books might be an excellent strategy.

Finally, one of the best ways to build links is to interview an influencer. There are people in the industry who already have a huge name due to their contributions. Getting linked to them can help boost the company. It might seem challenging to get an interview, but it’s possible. Contact these influencers are their representatives and ask for the possibility of having an interview. Some of them might surprisingly say yes. Once they agree to release a statement, it can lead to massive popularity online. Even other websites will link to the company after the interview.

Work with an SEO agency

Link building is never easy. It’s also one of the many strategies used to be more popular online. Since it’s crucial in search engine rankings, working with experts like those from a quality Phoenix SEO agency is necessary. These experts already know the different strategies to build links. They also worked with other businesses in the past and applied these strategies. They know what works and what doesn’t. With their help, link building can be a lot faster and easier.

Author: Monisha Maan


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