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10 Best SEO Web Hosting Providers in 2021


Before you start planning out your content, you should decide what hosting you are going to use. Web hosting will also be the first investment you are going to make for your website.


This is one of the most important choice you will make in the planning phase since this is going to affect you budget-wise. But this investment will have an impact on certain aspects of your website such as SEO, loading speed, security, etc.


There are many web hosting companies, each with certain pros and cons, so we did research and made this list of the best SEO hosting providers in 2021.

Product List

1. Siteground

Definitely, one of the best web hostings you can find on the internet. Siteground started as a small company in 2004, and they have grown a lot since then. It’s enough that we mention that Siteground hosts more than 2 million domains.


It provides you with an SSL certificate which does a great job when it comes to SEO. SSL certificate makes the user’s connection to the website secure. Having an SSL is not only a good thing to see as a potential customer, but without it, your website will also dip down in ranking.


With the cheapest plan being 4.99$ a month, you can have one website, with ten gigabytes of storage, and many other features. Their uptime is 99.95% of the time which makes it one of the best web hostings you can buy.


Their load speeds are among the highest, and you can always upgrade your plan. The cheapest, StartUp level is perfect for people that have a single website and don’t want to spend a lot of money.


On the other hand, the GrowBig plan is 3 dollars per month more expensive(overall 7.99$).  With GrowBig you can host unlimited websites, but of course, your storage is limited.

2. InterServer

InterServer is one of the cheaper hosting options, yet they are one of the best choices.

This hosting gives you basically an unlimited range of control for your databases, files, and folders.


They provide you with root access, those that are more tech-savvy will definitely know why having such a range of control is important and useful. For developers and those who want to practice their skills, this is a great hosting choice.



When it comes to control, InterServer is the best. But they only have one plan that provides you with 30 GB of space, more than what other web hostings have to offer in their starting plan, but you can’t expand it.


InterServer also has what they call “self-healing” hardware, which is a way of fixing potential problems. When there is a glitch or a bug encountered on a certain server, they will redirect your server to another node, at a very fast speed.


Redundancy is one of the most important characteristics you should look for when deciding your web hosting. With this on our mind, we can say that InterServer is among the top choices.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is probably the cheapest web hosting you can find. It has one of the cheapest plans that provide you with the same functionality and storage as those that are much more expensive.


It has a very elegant and easy-to-use interface from which you can monitor your emails, change your billing settings, or manage your domains. They have an uptime of 99.88% which counts as very reliable.


Hostinger plans start at 2.75$ per month. There aren’t any hidden price spikes or unpredictable expenses, but there are a lot of optional features. Thankfully, these features can easily be added or bought with a push of a button, and they are truly optional.


With every plan, you can get a domain for free, and everyone gets free website builder named Zyro. With Zyro you can easily design your website with zero coding or web design experience. It has many features and it comes with a free SSL certificate, but what’s most important, it has over a hundred of free themes, along with some free pictures.

4. HostPapa

The most important traits of good web hosting are being secure, being scalable, and having excellent customer support. In everything we mentioned above, HostPapa excels. They have plans for both small blogs and websites, and for those looking to start an online Business.


Certain things offered in the HostPapa Starter plan, are offered only in the more expensive plans of other web hosting providers. With the Starter plan, you get two free websites and a free domain, 100 GB of SSD storage.


These features sound too good to be true, but they really are one of the best offers you can get. With the Starter plan, you also get free SSL, unlimited emails, free Website builder, and free transfers. These transfers are helpful if you want to transfer websites from another hosting.


Similar to web hostings we mentioned before, HostPapa has an uptime of 99.9% which makes it very reliable.


While InterServer is for those that are more tech-savvy, HostPapa can be used by everyone. It has 24/7 customer support, and a lot of material online that will help you fix your potential problems.


If you have any problems with HostPapa, they have a 30-day refund guarantee.

5. HostGator

To start off, HostGator has a 99.99% uptime, this is probably the highest possible a web hosting can have. They offer a lot of freebies, which can be a deal maker depending on what are your needs.


For example, you get around 70$ of Google Adwords marketing credits to promote your site.


HostGator started in 2002, and with almost 20 years of existence, they have a massive infrastructure. They currently have around 12,000 servers. Considering their uptime, you probably won’t ever have issues with too much traffic, loading speed, etc.


It allows you to scale well, and you can install WordPress with a single click on a button. HostGator is also one of the best choices when it comes to cloud hosting, and they offer you a lot of features. For those interested in setting up WordPress, here’s an easy guide.


For those that are more tech-savvy, HostGator offers support for Python, Ruby, and Pearl. So you can dive in deeper than on other web hostings when it comes to web development and possibilities.

What we didn’t like is that every plan includes a lot more expenses for addons and certain features. These include site backups, SEO tools, Gmail access, etc.


6. Bluehost


Bluehost is another web hosting that’s been around for a long time. They started in 1996 and they currently host more than 2 million websites, this should tell you that they definitely know what they are doing.


Their plans come with a website builder named Weebly, which is among the best website builders you can choose from. They have a beautiful interface that is easy to navigate.


There are over 1000 employees working in the customer support sector. So you will always have someone that will help you fix your problems as soon as possible.


Having live customer support is very helpful to everyone since unpredicted problems can always happen. Those that are just starting out will definitely need some extra help in the beginning.


They have an uptime of 99% and a website load time ranging from 400ms to 490, these are high numbers. But certain cheaper web hostings such as HostPapa are both much cheaper and have better performances. But, we assure you that Bluehost will satisfy your needs.


However, Bluehost offers unmetered plans, which means that you can have an unlimited number of visitors each month. Many other web hostings have this number limited to 10,000 or 20,000 visitors depending on the plan.

7. Kinsta

Kinsta is a great choice for small and big businesses, but also for anyone in-between. They have plans that will satisfy anyone looking to grow their online business, and they are very fast and secure.


They offer you backing up and securing your website with their WordPress hosting plan, but you can also do it manually. Their WordPress plans run on Google Cloud, which is very reliable.


They have 20 servers around the globe, and with the average response time being 307 ms, they are among the fastest web hosting providers. Their starting plan supports 20,000 monthly visitors, but it has additional fees for every 1000 visitors over that limit.


This is a cheap price for the potential scaleability of your online business. They are a lot more expensive than any of the plans we mentioned before, but they are very reliable. Your website will be well-optimized and you shouldn’t have to worry if there is a sudden spike in traffic.


Kinsta has 24/7 live support that will help you fix any potential problems along the way. Kinsta is for small and large business owners, and for those who are aspiring to make an eCommerce store. They have terrific speeds and support.


On the other hand, they are very expensive, yet they don’t offer features that other web hosting providers offer for much less money. They don’t have email hosting, which a much cheaper option such as Hostinger has.

8. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting allows you to choose Linux or a Windows server, and install the server script with just a few clicks.


All of their plans include unlimited bandwidth and traffic. Plans are differing in things such as the number of websites, number of email accounts, or performance add-ons and features. All in all, they have great plans, that aren’t too expensive.


Their 6-month average uptime is 100% which is a rarity among web hostings, and this is something every web hosting strives for. Their loading speed of 320 ms is also an important advantage, but on the other hand, they have performance problems with larger websites.

For those interested in even higher speeds, you can buy their turbo plans, which provide the user with 20x the speed and performance.


However, they only have 3 servers, Michigan for the USA, Singapore for Asia, and Amsterdam for Europe. A2 hosting also has eCommerce support, and scaleability options so your website can easily grow. And you shouldn’t even doubt their security and backup tools and options.

9. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is another more popular web hosting. But it has some serious downsides regarding speed and performance. Although it’s not the slowest web hosting, you can get a lot better options for less money on other web hosting providers.


What we liked is that every plan on GoDaddy, besides the cheapest one, offers you an unlimited amount of websites, and unlimited storage. But, there are certainly a lot of hidden fees, and overpriced add-ons.


Their customer support is available in many languages, which is a great plus. But even though it’s great that they are offering support for different languages, the wait time can be much longer.


GoDaddy comes with an awesome website builder(depending on who you ask), that comes with over 300 themes and free stock photos. A minor problem is that this website builder is not drag-and-drop, but rather an AI customizes your website instead of you.


It’s fast, but not as customizable. There aren’t any SEO tools in the starting plan, so you might want to spend even more money for that.


Although it’s not the fastest, GoDaddy has great uptime, and it’s among the best WordPress hosts. But, an obvious downside for everyone just starting out is various expenses they might have while using GoDaddy.

10. DreamHost

The first web hosting provider on the list for which we can say that it’s environment friendly. They have great offers and performance, but they are also caring about our environment and doing what’s in their power to protect nature.


While making sure they are doing no harm to nature, they are hosting more than 1.5 million websites, which is really an amazing thing. Unfortunately, they don’t have European and Asian servers.


This can have a large impact on the visitor’s speed, and depending on the type of your website, not having visitors from Europe and Asia is a major setback.


They have great prices. For only 2.59$ a month for the basic plan, you get a free SSL certificate, one website with a custom domain name, and automated backups. Everyone who is hosting websites for years will tell you the importance of automated backups.



Hopefully, this article will help you decide on the best SEO hosting provider in 2021 that will stick with you for years and years. We discussed the pros and cons of many different web-hosting providers, and we believe that you will find the perfect one for you among them.


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