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Search engines are the gateway to almost all product discovery and sales. If your Ecommerce store isn’t surfacing for necessary organic products searches, scaling your business becomes more challenging.
Prime SEO Services can help your store gain the visibility required for eCommerce sales and profit.
As an award-winning eCommerce SEO agency with more robust experience in developing first-in-class search engine optimization strategies, Prime SEO Services team has delivered 96% success rate in all campaigns that we promoted.

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Why SEO is Significant for eCommerce growth

When it comes to establishing a successful eCommerce company, SEO is not voluntary. It is foundational. SEO lies at the base of a brand's online progress. The basis for this rests in search engines' very nature and how customers use the internet to discover the goods they require.

92% of All Online Experiences Begin with a Search Engine
87% of Consumers Research Products Before Purchasing
74% of Users Never Scroll Past the First Page of Results

Given these statistics, if ecommerce stores do not attain visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, then growing awareness, traffic and profit to scale operations are extremely unlikely.
Prime SEO Services recognizes the indispensable role that search rankings represent in a brand’s success and drives an apprised, holistic approach to improve a site’s SERP performance.

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Our E-commerce seo services include the following

  • Optimizing an online storefront from top to bottom, ensuring you’re sale-ready
  • Optimized product listing
  • Improved marketplace search rankings
  • User acquisition
  • Higher ROAS & lower CAC

Having worked with 100+ brands across industry verticals, we have helped create success stories that matter.

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Our Ecommerce SEO services

Technical strategy
Our technical SEO strategy will present you with actionable steps to advancing your web experience for users and Google. We also work closely with your organization to ensure recommendations are fulfilled in the sequence of priority.
Content strategy
Our content marketing strategy equips you with a roadmap of content that will convey your brand message while gaining new customers. We can do Blogs, Guest posts, infographics, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more. 
Digital PR
Our substantial Digital PR covers creating large campaigns to get high-quality backlinks from leading blogs/publishers with a sharp focus on driving revenue. We utilize internal linking, and all tactics to turn coverage into SEO-fuel.

Your eCommerce Brand Needs SEO

Setting up an online store is easy, but getting consumers' attention and converting them into loyal consumers is challenging. With e-commerce SEO services delivered by Prime SEO Services' dedicated and experienced team, you can maximize reach and convert your store into an online retail powerhouse. 

Our team of e-commerce SEO experts have the know-how to expand your organic sales traffic, reduce your ad spend and encourage more eager to buy customers to your site while also helping to build your brand.

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ecommerce SEO FAQs

Will Ecommerce SEO Increase My Sales?

89% of customers are utilizing search engines to inform their purchase choices. Effective Ecommerce SEO Services will drive some of them – the ones interested in the kinds of products you sell – to your store. From there, the sales pitch is up to you.

Do You Offer On-Site SEO?

Yes, as it is an essential part of the overall optimization process. We ensure that every step your customers take on their journey ‘through’ your inventory leads them to the right places, offers the information and ultimately head; the checkout.

Is Keyword Research Important for E-commerce stores?

It is, but often it needs to be conducted in a different way to a standard SEO keyword, or local seo keyword research project. This calls for an additional set of skills that not all SEOs have.

Is Duplicate Content bad for E-commerce Sites?

It’s easy to use product descriptions from the manufacturer. Google won’t credit you for the content as it is not original, and customers are likely to be turned off as this kind of text is usually very dry and dull. 

An e-commerce SEO campaign ensures that unique content writing services are utilized for product descriptions to avoid duplicate content on all product and category pages. It is extra work and perhaps even an extra expense for e-commerce site owners but is the only way a product’s page or listing will have a chance of ranking well in SERPs.

Is Image Optimization Important for E-commerce?

Did you know that Google’s image search, in itself, is one of the world’s most commonly searched resources when consumers are looking for products to buy? But Google bots can’t ‘see’ images in the way that we can. They have to be told what the image is via alt tags. So image tags must be optimized so that yours show up in search.
Image optimization is essential for user experience as well. Images that are poorly optimized will load slowly and display poorly on mobile, two things that your customers do not want.

Is link building included in ecommerce seo services?

Yes, link building services help acquire high-quality niche edits and new guest posting services to obtain links from high authority blogs & websites.

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Why choose Prime SEO Services for your ecommerce store seo?

Ecommerce is all about selling your goods and services. But you can't sell until people visit your site. After all, what use is a great user experience if there are no users? That's where ecommerce SEO comes in.
Prime SEO Services will make sure you're cruising high when it comes to your search engine results. We mix a wealth of expertise in ecommerce with the most advanced SEO strategies and a unique data-driven approach. The result? More traffic to your ecommerce website and a better bottom line.

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