November 21


Faster Hosting is important for SEO

Although many people do not think about it when creating a website, hosting is very important for SEO.

In fact, there are many details that must be thought out so that the site is kept in a good position in the ranking by search engines.

Among them, one of the most important is hosting, which refers to the location where your website data is stored, that is, it is from there that browsers search for the information that should be displayed to users.

In this article, you will learn more about how hosting is important to SEO and affects both the quality of the website and the reputation of your company.

Why is hosting important to SEO?

Despite attempts to use all available SEO strategies, this is usually not enough to ensure that your site has a good position in search engines.

Hosting on a bad provider causes the site to go through several problems related to instability and downtime, which ends up causing all the advantages obtained with SEO to be lost.

Perth SEO notes that webpage and hosting speed can be a great advantage, especially when you want to increase the impacts of your on-page SEO. See these issues in detail.

Fast loading

With regard to the speed of loading the site, there are two issues that must be taken into account: the way it was developed and the service used to host the site.

The coding of the website must be perfect so that the correct communication with the servers is established, in addition to the speed of content processing and the quality of the link.

Site Uptime

Stability is one of the main qualities you want on a website and it is the server that ensures that this is accomplished.

A slight variation in this can cause the site to remain offline for several minutes every month, which means a series of lost accesses, which can be considered a loss of profitability.

IP and sites hosted on the same server

IPs do not directly influence SEO strategies, however, if you have them this can be an advantage.

With regard to the server, probably a smaller number of hosted sites can mean greater speed and performance.

Storage capacity

The need for storage can vary widely between different types of businesses and forms of the website.

So try to forecast your needs in order not to overpay for unnecessary service but also not run out of storage.

Data security

One of the main issues involved in choosing a hosting service relates to reliability since you will deliver important information, as well as your company’s reputation.

In addition, a lot of your customers’ data may be available and you need to choose a server that has the competence to handle them correctly.

Service price

Of course, price is an important factor in your choice, but you should appreciate the quality service offered by a competent company. This is a worthwhile investment.

Is hosting really important for SEO?

Good hosting is synonymous with performance, security, and, consequently, it is essential for your website to really have the desired effect, especially with regard to search engines. See better each aspect that a good hosting contributes to your company:

  • Security: the existence of a security certificate and the downtime of a website has a great influence on the results obtained through search engines.
  • Performance: With less time needed to load, the site has a great advantage in relation to SEO;
  • UX: the higher the conversion rate and the number of accesses, there is a consequent increase in the number of sales and, the more movement on your site, the more it is in a better search position.

How should hosting be for good SEO performance?

Given what has been seen in this article so far, it is known that in order to have a good relationship with hosting and SEO it is necessary to pay attention to some important issues, the main ones being:

  • Own or dedicated IP;
  • A website with high scalability;
  • Good uptime, over 99.9%;
  • Renowned server with quality recognition;

Currently, there are many services and hosting quality websites, both national and international.

So have no doubt that there will be plenty of options, but you must be very careful when choosing the best services for your company.

When choosing, don’t forget the tips in this article, and keep in mind that hosting is very important for SEO.


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