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How to find Email Address for manual blog outreach

It is not easy to pitch ideas to bloggers or influencers. This is because they get dozens of pitches daily. However, to combat the problem various techniques are used. Guest post service in the USA applies the strategy of hiding the contact information. This makes the blogger feel that there is some effort gone in finding the right contact details before pitching the idea. But for manual blog outreach finding the relevant contact is not that tough. At times one can do so without choosing the paid tools.


Here are some basic approaches which can save time and give positive results.

Check out their website

There are creative websites everywhere. But in between these attractive pages, one needs to find out the contact information which is placed at the header or footer of the webpage. Another option is checking the link to the page where contact details are mentioned.

There is a section where it is mentioned: “write for us”. Here you can find all the details about bloggers or influencers before communicating the ideas. Also, there is an email address mentioned in the section along with the submission form.

If everything goes right, this process is worth the time.


Take Help of Google

One can indeed use Google with some tricks for contact search. For instance, use the Google URL and type “write for us” with keywords like contact, blog email address, guest posting guidelines, or such. Various service providers can help you with the same. Also, Link building strategy USA has a list of keywords that can give fruitful results.

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Inspecting social media pages

Today every blogger and influencer is on social media. Hence, if you fail with a website search, another option that comes in handy is social network accounts. For example, on the Facebook page of the user, you can find the about us section. Here you can definitely get the contact details of the blogger. Though at times these contacts may not be verified it is still a good option. Even you can try to contact the author of the blog posts directly without being creepy. This can help in quick contact. Other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are also advisable. For instance, agencies use LinkedIn email finder if the contact person’s name is known.



Checking Email address by name

It is indeed a tough task when you know the blogger’s name but is unable to find his or her email address. The simple tip is opening a few blog posts. Next, check the name of the one who is signed as the author/publisher. It is good to reach out to that person if he or she is the main author. But it is good to double-check.

The below methods can be used to find the email address if the name and domain of the blogger are known.

  • Try using email finder tools like clear bit connect.
  • Check the email format of the CEO or editor. Use it to guess the email id of the author.


Try Blogger Outreach Tool

At times manual blog outreach is mixed with the usage of some tools. These are blogger outreach tools that automate the outreach process in which also comes with finding email addresses. However, the issue here is that these tools may or may not find the relevant email addresses they find that might not actually be associated with the site you are trying to contact. Hence, it is always suggested to take the help of experts. One must avoid getting comfortable with automatic options.

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Once you have found the right email address, next is writing an effective guest post pitch. For this, there are always different agencies to help you out.


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