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SEO Tips to Rank Your E-Commerce Store Faster

With the number of consumers who’d prefer to go in person to the shops to acquire their products slowly decreasing. It is safe to acknowledge that all those shops that are opting for a more digital approach over the traditional methods of making sure that their products and service are available to their consumers are drastically increasing.

So to challenge such big platforms, the middle-class business owner or a new beginner has to work hard a lot. Don’t worry, we all have the solution to promote the e-commerce business, and it is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the help of SEO, your e-commerce store can get customers and sales. The process is not so easy, but following these tips, you can reach the target.

  • Keyword Research:

First of all, it is essential to know about your own business. What kind of product are you selling to the people? There are already other people who are selling the same product, so research the competitor page, where you can get most of the similar keywords that you can use on your page.

You can also use the keyword planner tool, or just Google about the product and the keyword you can see on the pages of Google or bottom of the Google. All you need to do is to prepare a list of short-tail and long-tail keywords, that you can use on your e-commerce store.

  • Make Your Site User-Friendly:

We all know that people are shop from their phones instead of desktop. So make your website user-friendly and try that it will take less loading time. As per the research, it will found that people will not wait more than 2 minutes if the site takes too much time for loading. People like to visit such websites that take less than 30 seconds for loading.

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Apart from this colour combination for your website must be simple, fresh and attractive—no need to add any dark or pathetic colours that change the mood of customers. Also, make sure to use high-quality images of your product can be shown on the website, and all the details are accurately available on the website.

If you’re creating an e-commerce store, then the payment process will not be slow because of that also customers will leave your website. Well, at the initial stage, it is not possible to provide any customer service on call or email, refund policy, but if possible, then make it complete as soon as possible. All these things will help you to get more customers.

  • On-Page Optimization:

Above things are for customer satisfaction, but the customer opens your e-commerce store, it is essential to get ranking on Google, which is very difficult. We all know that Google is the most famous search engine in the world, and there almost 70%-80% of people are much comfortable with Google.

So in this case, as we discuss the keywords, you need to add keywords correctly on Title, meta-title, meta-description and description on each page. Well, it doesn’t sound straightforward, but it is mandatory so you can at least begin to rank on the web page as soon as possible.

The way you will generally organize your content will play a significant role in pulling the type of customers that you want. There’s the ‘vibe’ that your site will often be putting off that will always have your customers thinking about shopping from you or away from you.

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It would help if you often made sure that the needs of your customers are well balanced with the needs of your search engine. Most professionals would usually opt for a more simple style in architecture as opposed to the deep style as the simple style is best for both SEO  and user experience. It will also keep you safe from Google Penalties.

  • Consider Other Search Engines

As we discuss that most users are using the Google search engine, so there is benefit and loss in this case. As the more users in Google, there are more chances to get customers from Google, but it is hard to rank on page one on Google, it will take a few months.

During this time, you can also register your e-commerce store on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Duck-Duck-Go, and so on. All these search platforms are well-known, and you’ll get many customers and increase your sales.

It is also advisable that if you choose to pursue this avenue, you could probably find it useful to have your traffic sized down a bit. As studies show that sites that have lightweight traffic and media to show often get noticed by the search engines much faster and loaded in real-time.

  • Content Marketing Strategy:

When it comes to content marketing is not just to write a featured article about the product on the product page, but you can create a blog where you can share your ideas or invite you, technical customers, to write about the product.

You can also ask blogger, influencer to write about your product. A famous blogger or influencer has lots of followers; if they recommend your product in their article, then you’ll get more new customers. Well, in your blog, it is crucial to create an informative article instead of a promotional article. Google gave more importance to the informative article that shares by people only.

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To get a decent idea, you can visit your competitor’s blog page and get an idea about the article and how well it is written. You can write the article or hire someone to write about it but focus on the keyword and try to keep it in a natural way instead of the promotional way.

  • Social Media Marketing:

This is another way to boost your business. You can create Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Pinterest and other social media platforms that relate to your e-commerce store and get traffic from such platforms.

Well, it is also a part of research now that which social media platform is mostly used for selling purpose. Nowadays, Instagram and Whatsapp are on-trend, yes people are still selling on Facebook, but people get more attracted to Instagram because it is a fun place, where you can sell the product with fun.

Some business deals can also be done on the Linkedin platform, but it is not for e-commerce, yes you can share your website link on your profile, so people get to know more about your business and products.

  • Paid Promotion:

Yes, this is another option that popular brands uses because of its high budget. Well, if you have paid budget, then you can go with the PPC option that gives you more clicks due to which you’ll get sales. People mostly like to go with Organic Promotion instead of Paid. It is because paid has not real customers, but organic searches mean the real customers which you have to turn to the buyers.


Well, apart from PPC, you can also promote your page on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram. They’ll provide you with followers and likes to your product, but the sales are good as you can say that organic search is critical in comparison to paid.

There are other paid methods of gaining referral traffic and backlinks. You could utilize link building services to get in-content links or opt for guest posting services to publish posts on various high authority sites and get a link back to your site, that in turn helps in referral traffic and a backlink.

Some business owners will invest a little amount of budget for paid promotion and also continue the organic promotion, so when they get results, they can achieve the sales. The balance between two things also helps to grow your business. You can also get listed on B2B platforms like Designrush to get major traffic advantages.

  • Local SEO:

E-commerce stores need to find customers in the near area. We all are looking for things that are near to the house, which makes the competition low on the e-store and people can easily visit your website. If you can provide the home delivery, then the customer will love it and recommend it to others.

The business owner can select the Geo-location of their city and provide proper service to their customers. It is a perfect idea for beginners and the people who already expand the business can connect with local stores and sale their product. Due to which the store owner get more customers, and your e-store will get promoted by the customers.

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In a nutshell, the whole concept of SEO Services is just broad and diverse that it need not worry you too much. These few steps should help you make even bigger steps towards realizing what you want for your store. But also keep in mind that it’s most probably not going to pick up immediately, I mean almost nobody ever gets it with the first try. You are willing to endure the amount of sacrifice that you are going to be required to have; you are all set.


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