December 4


How to Utilize Instagram for Fashion Digital Marketing?

Social media is evolving in today’s digital world continually. Similarly, Instagram is growing positively in every industry. Last year, it turned a decade in 2020 and became the sixth most-visited-website on internet. As per Hootsuite, Instagram currently owns more than 1 billion active monthly users.

Reports estimate that 55% of fashion shoppers successfully made a purchase after a creator used Instagram for promotion. Plenty of statistics encourage fashion brands to utilize this social media channel for fashion digital marketing.

Fashion Digital Marketing Tips for Instagram

By selecting Instagram for fashion brands, you can cater to the growth of your business while saving time. Understand that product marketing is easy through Instagram. Therefore, fashion accessories are easy to advertise on this social media channel.

This trend of finding the best online discount codes from famous brands in the industry encourages every entrepreneur to market their business on Instagram. Learn to know how you can do it like a pro.

Select Hashtags Properly

From a long time, hashtags help to connect with an ample audience quickly. You can quickly target like-minded peers at a pace by using particular hashtags. All you must focus on are the keywords you use and marketing gets effective.

Try to utilize our brand name, product title, taglines, and business niche as a hashtag. Keep in mind, hashtags catering to the upcoming shopping trends can serve as your best bet for this step.

Target Fashion Enthusiasts

Instagram is the best social media channel to find a variety of fashion lovers. From looking for fashionista women to guiding trendsetter men, everything is possible here.

Monthly, 130 million users on Instagram click on shopping posts. Therefore, you can easily encourage folks to make a purchase here. Quickly target relatable business niches and reach audience looking for health, fitness, and beauty.

Posts Stories for Brand Promotion

Instagram successfully has half a billion users who interact with stories every day. Therefore, you can always hope for positive and promote your brand on stories to connect with 500 million users quickly.

Fortunately, 58% of users on this social media channel show interest in a brand or product after it gets popular in stories. Henceforth, fashion digital marketing is gets easy if you use Instagram stories regularly.

Use Highlights on Your Profile

An advanced step of using Instagram stories is the use of highlights. While your story lasts for 24 hours only, highlights last forever. These are collections of stories on your profile that users can view whenever they want.

You can always make a positive impact on your brand promotion by using these. Many famous fashion brands use this feature to connect with a larger audience and keep folks informed. You can also add categories in these highlights for more.

Final Words

Fashion digital marketing on Instagram is a must-try for all fashion brand owners. You will always be able to connect with an ample amount of people on this social media channel. If you are an entrepreneur willing to promote your fashion products, this channel can do wonders!


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