November 24


Top 6 Quick Paraphrasing Tools to Save Time

Paraphrasing is a skill that is not used commonly by professional writers. Still, there are many cases where this technique comes in handy. In such situations, it is not always important that you paraphrase the content manually as it can be very time-taking and boring. Today modern technology has gifted us tons of paraphrasing tools that can be used to create new content in less than minutes.

Today we have collected information about the best paraphrasing tools found on the web that can help you in creating not unique but also readable content!

Quickest and most reliable paraphrasing tools!

In this section, we have shortlisted some of the best online services that can help you create fresh content for free!

Article Rewriter by RewriteGuru

If you don’t have proper writing skills and are paying a writer to create fresh content, then you should shift to this paraphrasing tool. RewriteGuru is a web-based rewriter tool, so you have to use it on your browser with a strong web connection. This is the only article rewriter on the web, which offers three different spinning options. The most commonly used and efficient spinning is the ‘smart spin’; which provides a medium level article spinning. In this way, the content will not lose its original context and the user will get a unique piece of content in just one click.

The ultra-spin mode of this rewriter tool spins the content in a hardcore way, and it can be difficult for some readers to understand the content. The manual spin feature of this tool helps you reword the content according to your choice.

This is a professional essay writing service for students who do not even know how to write a small paragraph. This tool’s working is based online, and so you can easily run it on your browser. This online rephraser tool is one of the most accurate services found online. This paraphrasing tool has gathered a lot of popularity for being fast in producing spun content. Furthermore, it being free is another attractive trait. This tool is extremely popular among students because it helps them create simple and unique content by using copied content without being caught!

The SEO magnifier is another paraphrasing website that can help you create new content based on duplicate inputs. This paraphrasing tool works with AI, so the results produced by it are quite accurate. When you add the duplicate content in the tool, it would, first of all, read it and understand the main idea and topic of the content. After analyzing the content, it would search the database for relative topics and would create a brand-new article based on new research and by following the same context. This tool is quite famous for spinning blogs that you want to update and make them current!

This website is quite popular for providing reliable services for free. The article spinner/paraphrasing tool by SST is also considered to be an effective service. This tool is quite simple, and there is no fuss in its use. You have to upload the duplicate content in the input box of the tool and click on the ‘paraphrase’ button. This online paraphrasing tool works in more than ten different languages, and this is why it is famous all across the globe. Furthermore, there are no limitations in the use of this tool. You can create hundreds of articles in a single day with this spinner program!

The is another website used for paraphrasing duplicate content. This is known to be one of the most professional paraphrasing services found online. You don’t need to register with this tool for free services. You can use the website anytime you want on any device with a strong web connection. If you need to create massive content capital for your website, then you need to use this website. It can help you create the simplest content that would also be reader and seo friendly. You do not need any skills to run this tool; the basic understanding of the web would do the trick.


Duplichecker is also a famous website for checking plagiarism and paraphrasing duplicate content. The article spinner service offered by duplichecker is remarkable. You don’t need to be an expert to run this website. You have to enter the duplicate content in the input box of the tool and click the ‘paraphrase’ button to start the spinning process. You must know that this paraphrasing tool can easily remove all sorts of plagiarism from content may it be intentional or unintentional. You don’t need to stress about removing duplication if you have this tool bookmarked on your browser.

All of these paraphrasing tools can provide you with reliable and quick results. You must try them and select the most suitable one for your day to day working!


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