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Local SEO Tips and tools for your website

Let’s see if we can teach you how to use these free SEO tools (and many others) today.

You can’t ignore the importance of face-to-face Local SEO Tips and tools.

SEO is the best way to attract your target audience to your website and drive conversions. It would be one of the most difficult tasks in the world if there were no SEO tools.

So what are SEO tools for?

– They make your website and its content desirable options that attract attention (compared to your competitors),

– so that you get clicked on more often,

– and make the clicking experience pleasant enough for you to consider converting.

And it’s much easier to do all this than it ever was manually.

Isn’t that what we all want?

But while these tools are popular, functional and important, they shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

(We find that they are better at running a business, so we want you to focus on them.)

So we’re going to offer you something that will touch you (in the nicest way possible), like the news of a quick sale in your favourite shop.

We’ll take care of that:

Local SEO Tips and tools:

Free keyword research tools

– Mobile SEO Tools

Local search engine optimisation

– Technical SEO

– Greetings, everyone!

At the end of this post:

– If you had, you would have already found an easier way to optimize your website for users and search engines – without sacrificing results.

– You would have learned just enough to choose and use the best free Local SEO Tips and tools:

Warning: the subject is vast and practice is essential. So we decided to leave you with what you can absorb in one read.

So let’s take a look at the best Local SEO Tips and tools that will still be useful in 2021.


Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, with many fundamental processes, all equally important to the overall success of search engine optimization. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that free SEO tools have no limits.That’s why we’ve divided the post into sections to make it easier for you to find SEO tools for each of the main categories or processes.

Free keyword research tools:

Keyword research is about finding the best keywords your target audience uses to find you. The best keywords describe your products/services and connect you to your target audience when they need you.

Here are the best free keyword research tools:

Google Keyword Planner

Probably popular because it is part of Google.


The data source is

the best feature that adds to the usability (and popularity) of the tool. This tool bases its results on a wealth of valuable information that Google has.The result?

The data is very meaningful and reliable.Enter one or more first keywords (up to 10) or the URL of a website. The tool returns valuable keywords filled with useful metrics.

Respond to the audience

This gives you valuable insights into what people are searching for on a particular topic. The platform generates links with your initial keyword to provide useful content ideas for the keyword people are usually searching for.But how does this help you?If you know what people are searching for in your niche (or on a particular topic), you know exactly what content to produce. By targeting these exact topics or search queries, you can also optimise your content for Google’s featured snippets.

Google Trends

This free tool offers you a wealth of knowledge about

– what’s hot right now

– or the general popularity of a term/topic over time.

– In addition, you are also informed about similar search terms (and their popularity).

But why does this make sense?

Let’s say you have selected keywords based on your research and found relevant issues to target. What if these keywords were recently in vogue but are now dying out?

  • In short, nobody wants to waste their efforts.
  • So neither should you!
  • Ahref Keyword Generator

Enter a first keyword / s and the Ahref keyword generator will return 150 keyword variants.

Sounds cool.

But now comes the cool part:

In addition to details about these keyword ideas (search volume, keyword complexity, and popular questions), this tool provides you with keyword options for multiple platforms such as Amazon, Bing, and Youtube, etc.

Just enter the starting keyword, choose the location and the search engine.

Now enjoy the results.

Keywords everywhere

This tool is one of the best SEO keyword research tools you can have at your fingertips.

On the side?

Yes, because:

– You don’t necessarily have to base your keyword selection decision entirely on this tool.

– And it is also available as an extension for your browser (Firefox and Chrome). It displays and updates the results on the same screen, in parallel with the results displayed by your search engine.The free version only provides ideas for keywords and related phrases. Although detailed metrics have recently become available in the free version, it seems that the functionality of the free version has been extended. However, you can still export keywords to a CSV file like any other useful keyword research tool.


What started out as a simple keyword research tool has become a sophisticated – but FREE – SEO tool.

That’s when Neil Patel acquired it.

So what does Ubersuggest do?

– It gives you detailed information about your chosen keyword, such as search volume, difficulty, price per click, etc.

– Get a list of related keywords (based on your original keyword).

– You can also compare different keywords based on a number of parameters such as volume, CPC, etc. Д.

– This will also help you research your competitors. Enter the URL of your competitors and see all the keywords they are ranking for with detailed information.

The list of free SEO tools that help you with keyword research doesn’t end here. We’ll list a few more here.

Other FREE keyword research tools :

– Seed keywords

– Soovle

– Google Search Console

– KW Finder


Mobile SEO Tools

It’s a good idea to optimise your website for mobile users – you’d know that if you were an earthling.

If you’ve read our guide to mobile SEO, you probably know how mobile SEO differs from desktop SEO.

But there’s a catch:To understand the difference, you need to take steps to optimise your websites for mobile devices.

Here are some FREE SEO tools to do just that.

  • Zeo Mobile Index Checker
  • Create a quality mobile website for mobile users.
  • You’re done. Now what?
  • Check the performance of your mobile website.

How do you do it?

How about a free SEO tool to get around that too?

This Mobile Index Checker is part of ZEO, which offers several SEO tool options. To use this tool, you need to paste your URL into the checker. In no time, you will receive a wealth of data, such as an audit report on your mobile website.See for yourself how accurate your mobile SEO is. Dive into the details and focus on the errors to eliminate them.

The Mobile Moxie SERPerator

Mobile Moxie’s Mobile Search Test is a simple way to see how your website (and its content) performs in search engine rankings accessed on multiple devices.

Other FREE Mobile SEO Tools

– Testing for mobile devices

Local search engine optimization

Google my business

Want to optimise your website for local search engines?

The first thing to do is to list my business on Google. This way, Google will rank you *near me* or *for local searches* for your business in relevant searches.

But why?

Because proof of your existence carries more weight in Google’s eye than any other endorsement. Interestingly, the same can be said of Search Engine Eye.

Google Business Review Link Generator by Whitespark

Once you have created this list, try to get as many genuine reviews from your customers as possible. This way, you’ll give your name more weight in the eyes of Google.The more authentic, respectful and locally preferred you are, the more Google will favour you over your competitors when someone searches for what you offer.The more positive reviews you have, the better your reputation. That’s how serious the need for a review is (otherwise no one would even consider your existence).

So, do you personally knock on every customer’s door and ask for their feedback?

Sorry, that’s a yes.

However, with this tool at your fingertips, you’ll choose the digital route!Whitesark’s Review Link Generator allows you to create a review request with a generic link to your company profile. Share this with all your customers.

Now take advantage of reviews that boost your reputation (and ranking).

Whitespace local citation search engine

Google is not the only citation source it considers when determining your ranking. While some citation sources, review sites or business listings may be less reputable, increasing your citation list will certainly increase your chances of being ranked higher.And that’s where this tool comes to the rescue. It uses a simple process to find useful options and citation opportunities for you.

Other FREE local SEO tools

– Bright Local Search Checker

– Moz Local Listing

– Bright Local Ranking Feed

– Negative Ranking Removal

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, this SEO deals with all the technical aspects of your website. Let’s dive into the free SEO tools to optimise the technical elements of our website.

Google Search Console

If you want to benefit from multiple optimizations and learn on one platform at the same time, this is the place to be. Here’s a taste of what Google Search Console has to offer:

– Find out what two of the biggest search engines think of you, index and scan .

– The platform helps you analyse your website.

– And you can find technical errors so you can correct them.

The best part?

According to Google itself, the accuracy of the data is unquestionable.

Screaming Frog.

Using this tool is similar to using Google itself.


Because it scans your website the way Google does.

After Screaming Frog has scanned your website, you get a detailed report on the page and other technical factors of your site. The functionality of Spider SEO includes:

– Searching for broken links

– Searching for duplicate content

– Analysis of JavaScript and blocked URLs

– XML sitemap creation

– Structure analysis

– Check meta tags

In short, it checks your entire website.

Once you have a list of errors, start optimising the website.

The best part?

You can analyse up to 500 URLs for free with this tool.

Where it goesRedirects – some of them – cause irreparable damage by reducing the speed of your website. No one likes to enter a site where they can’t get what they want – thanks to speed.So one of the great ways to speed up your website is to minimise unnecessary redirects.And Where Goes does the job well.Tracking redirects

We’re talking about redirects but not browser extensions? We call that very unfair.

Link Redirect Trace helps you analyze redirects from a single source:

– Links

– Redirects

– Canonical REL

– And SEO in general!

XML sitemaps

A sitemap is a structured list (with metadata) of your website that you submit to search engines for crawling and indexing.Wow, that sounds important.

So how do you create sitemaps (or XML sitemaps)?

Although you can do it manually, XML sitemaps are a quick way to create up to 500 websites.

Best us above

If you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve already optimised your site enough, think again.

Use this fantastic free analysis tool for all your Windows devices and see for yourself what you can optimise.

OverwriteIf you must know, we all agree with this great tool for optimising your website speed.

Resize, compress and optimize up to 50 images at a time.

Now compare the speed of your website to that of a supersonic aircraft.

What are your conclusions?

I told you so!

Woorank’s SEO and website analysis tool

Who better than a friend to point out your flaws (No! We didn’t mean in front of others, of course)?

A friend who points out flaws and offers solutions!Consider this SEO and website analysis tool as your friend.Ask it for help, let it evaluate your SEO and discover all the ways to improve it.Now imagine that friend has a browser extension.

Wow, what a win!

Don’t you think these are all the FREE technical SEO tools available on the Internet? Do you? I mean, consider the breadth of technical aspects of SEO. Here are some of them.

Other free technical SEO tools

– SEOlyzer

– Google Page Speed Insights

– HEADmasterSEO

– Scream Frog Log Analyser

– Hreflang Tag Generator

– GT-Metrix

– Robots.txt Generator

Back to you guys!

We have made an honest attempt to give you the best free SEO tools for local search, mobile search, technical SEO and keyword research.If SEO isn’t your thing or you don’t have much time to play with these tools, try CANZ Marketing’s free SEO audit.Our SEO experts are second to none and will give you recommendations that are sure to benefit you!However, if you want to make yourself a cup of tea with our suggestions, you can. Once you have solved the problem, share your experience with us.

Good luck with your website optimization 🙂 .


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