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Meme marketing how to set up a strategy


Every day we view or share an indefinite amount of ‘memes’ , especially through social platforms and apps to communicate . They have become an integral part of our digital dialogues , which is why meme marketing has developed .

Before seeing how to integrate memes into a performing digital strategy , with the aim of promoting business growth , let’s focus on what they are and what their origin (also etymological) is. The meme, a word of Greek derivation meaning ‘imitation’ , indicates – as the English biologist Richard Dawkins said back in 1976 – the basic unit of cultural evolution . At the base of everything is the idea that the mechanism of replication and change with subsequent selection (it is the ABC of evolutionist) also takes place between people through imitation .

In short, the meme would be any cultural info or fragment of it that is handed down from person to person, becoming viral . Internet memes – more popular every day on social networks – are small funny videos, images or GIFs that are potentially shared indefinitely and are accompanied by a writing or a caption to facilitate understanding. The fact that they are silly, funny and humorous favors their diffusion: it is therefore a perfect way to make a brand known . In fact, catching the attention and satisfaction of users of the Net, thanks to the use of memes, becomes much easier.

Meme marketing: humor leads to sharing and makes meme go viral

What internet memes exploit is a type of modern and digitally derived language , mastered above all by young people (but not only). Setting up a meme marketing strategy means conveying an advertising message through them and integrating it with the rest of the content , making it engaging and fun.

Humor is undoubtedly the driving force that leads to sharing, so that others enjoy the same moment of lightness . If the meme is well designed, it can go viral and stay viral for a long time. Choosing to set up a meme marketing strategy means being immediately at a big crossroads. In fact, you can create your own meme from scratch or use one that is already known and famous, adapting it to personal communication needs.

Create a meme from scratch or exploit an already famous one

The simplest thing to do when you want to quickly start a meme marketing campaign is to use existing and established images, videos and GIFs . This is not too complex an operation, which however will involve the risk of seeing the message end up in oblivion in a short time . In fact, thousands of new memes appear online every day. Monitoring the progress of the results is always important , especially to avoid that – with the passage of time – the message contained in the meme remains current and cannot lend itself to upheavals (with damage to the company).

Alternatively, you can choose to design a meme from scratch , although of course this operation promises to be more complex . We need to invest in professional editing, relying on a team of experts in visual content marketing . The golden rule of meme marketing? Be genuine and focus on a well-defined target clientele (making everyone laugh is extremely difficult). Put the brand message at the center , without upsetting the contents that otherwise could be too far from the reference area.

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