February 2


PHP 8.0 programming language released

PHP is a programming language that is almost two decades old. The update in the language PHP 8.0 was bought in December 2020 and it turned out to be a huge success. It made the programming language a lot easy. PHP is a widely used language and loved by web developers.

The applications developed in PHP are known to support all modern devices with minimal effort. In fact, there are software companies that exclusively work on PHP language to develop their applications. The new update has made error handling a lot easier. The language has become consistent post the update.

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So, now let us now discuss the updates of PHP 8.0. in detail.

Changes in named arguments and attributes

In PHP 7 the arguments were really detailed and had to be specified accordingly. The argument code became a lengthy one when many things had to be specified. But in PHP 8 the arguments became short. In the latest version, only required parameters can be specified and the optional ones can be conveniently skipped. Even the order of the arguments is independent, and the best part is that they can be self-documented.

For attributes, in the initial version PHP annotations were to be used. But in the latest version, we can use structured metadata inserted in the native syntaxes of PHP.

Union Type and Match Expression

The new update in PHP offers the use of native union type declarations that are validated at runtime. Initially, the programmers had to go through a process of using PHPDoc annotations for a combination of types. This was a lengthy process. So the new update has solved this problem and made it easier.

Coders know that ‘match’ has a value that can be stored in a variable and returned whenever prompted. This ‘match feature’ was added to the PHP update. These new match expressions now can be stated in a single statement and will not need a break statement. And comparisons also can be strict with the match update.

Nullsafe Operator

This change proved to be a boon for programmers. The nullcheck conditions were tiring work to be written and executed. The update allows the programmer to write a chain of calls with the new nullsafe operator.

This has proved to be significantly successful because if the evaluation of one element in the chain fails, the entire chain aborts to null and evaluates to null. This has made so many statements of coding reduced to a simple one-line command statement.

Other major changes

Number and string comparison got really easy with PHP 8. It uses number comparison for numeric string else it converts the number to a string and then compares it as a string. If there is an error in the coding it shows up an error message.

The ‘Just In Time’ compilations have improved drastically. PHP 8 introduces 2 JIT compilation engines. The PHP 8 has also reclassified engine warnings and static return type. The coding now checks very strictly for arithmetic and bitwise operators. And most importantly ‘throw’ is now an expression.

To conclude,

The PHP update has turned out to be a great success post its launch. The update was awaited a long time since PHP became a prominent language for programming. With the introduction of new classes, interfaces, and functions, programmers have found it easy to design applications. Finding errors and rectifying them has also got better.

PHP is one language that will keep getting evolved now. As its use increases, programmers will vocalize their problems and we are sure the makers will see to it that programming in this language gets flexible.

After all, post-update, PHP has become 2 times better to code.


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