January 16


Top 7 Best Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Regardless of your industry or services or products, the digital marking trends should not be neglected. The digital marketing landscape is improving so quickly that the companies who are using solely website and Facebook pages will be left behind.

In the modern generation, 95% of the large companies have their online presence. In 2021, new tools and technology will come, which will eventually force marketers to change and adapt the new way. Only then they can keep their organization at the peak. After all, digital marketing is a crucial platform where you won’t survive if you fail to adapt.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 7 best digital marketing trends that will most likely dominate in 2021.

Facebook Might Lose Its Appeal

Facebook is no longer at the throne of the social media world. According to a survey, more than 37% of Facebook users are 65 or above. Without any signs of struggle, Facebook has undoubtedly lost its ground amongst the younger generation, who prefer the visual social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram.

After the data breaching scandal in 2018, Facebook has lost its respect and credibility. Many people are becoming frustrated with cyber bullying, fake news, and political propaganda. Without a question, Facebook has dominated the social media industry for years, but now the popularity is dropping amongst younger generations.

The future digital marketers have to consider their targets because Facebook isn’t suitable for all types of campaigns. Even though Facebook is massive, marketers should know if their target audiences are present on Facebook or not, before calculating the marketing budget.

Instagram Is Growing Rapidly 

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and most importantly, most of the Instagram users are considered as the younger generation. Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have huge numbers of old people.

One thing the marketers should know that Instagram is planning to remove the like option from the posts. Many influencers are debating against this move, so it’s suggested that the companies should keep a close eye on the platform. While this decision might boost the content quality, but undoubtedly Instagram will lose a huge number of users.

Chatbots in Customer Service

Chatbots are AI software that communicates with users and guides them to complete their goals. Chatbots aren’t very much different from real people. According to Entrepreneur.com, they communicate with humans in a mannered way through chat windows. However, verbal interactions aren’t entirely impossible. The more information and data is contained in a system, the better response chatbots can provide.

From 2019 to 2020, Facebook chatbots have completed thousands of tasks. From providing necessary weather information to customer satisfaction, chatbots can easily perform many tasks as long as it’s within their control. The benefits of using chatbots are:

  • 24*7 service
  • No worries about vacation, breaks, or over-timing
  • Immediate response to customer’s questions and queries

Email Marketing is Rising

With billions of users, email is becoming a major communication channel for legal, commercial, scientific, industrial, personal, and academic purposes. In short words, email marketing is becoming more important day by day. However, if you combine personalization and automation, only then email marketing will be considered as important in 2021.

When you use email marketing for something specific such as customer browsing for a particular service or product, then provide a sample video in a personalized email, which can be very much effective. Email is considered as the final trigger of motivation, especially when you combine them with your remarketing capabilities.

Video is Very Powerful

If your company doesn’t use video marketing, then try it now because video marketing will dominate in 2021. Text-based contents aren’t powerful enough to compete with video-based content, especially when your focus is to sell services and products online.

In this mobile generation, people like to watch more videos or they use smartphones to share their favorite videos or learn about brands. According to the survey:

  • 65% of customers have shared a video of their favorite brands.
  • 50% of customers agreed that products or services videos make them feel confident.
  • 70% of companies believe that video marketing has improved their revenue.

Additionally, if you live stream through any platform, it will attract more customers. It’s a method where you combine influencer marketing with digital marketing. When you live-stream alone or with an influencer, you can directly communicate with your users. This will lead to a positive impact on your business.

Your Content Must Be Interactive

Interactive content is anything that customers can swipe, click, or interact with online. According to research, more than 90% of marketers believe that interactive content is very much effective. They can also educate the potential buyer.

In 2021, more and more companies will start experimenting with interactive content including 360-degree videos, quizzes, and augmented reality advertisements.

These techniques, especially augmented reality, offer an engaging and immersive experience to people. Nowadays, consumers are demanding this type of fun and educational content from companies, which will strengthen the bond between them. If you need help to create interactive content then consider calling the digital marketing agency Auckland.

Marketing Through Messaging Apps Are Evolving

The social messaging apps don’t have only one purpose of connecting with family and friends. Many companies have realized the true potential of social messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. When you consider the following opportunities, you will think the same.

  • Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion active users and they send more than 10 billion texts every month.
  • WhatsApp has more than 1.6 billion active users and they send 55 billion texts every day.

While there’s no debate on the importance of traditional channels, it’s also an undeniable fact that people are more active on text messaging apps. Messaging apps help companies to communicate with audiences through personalized texts.


These are the 7 digital marketing trends that will grow rapidly in 2021. Additionally, artificial intelligence technology, interactive content, video, and voice search will also get a boost in marketing. This is a great time to enhance your business, as the younger generation wants companies to interact and build a relationship with them.


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