January 5


Guest blogging is dead is a popular SEO myth you must avoid

Different strategies are hitting the market for taking blog posts to another level. Creating in-depth content, using them in the hungry market, backing them up with data and statistics, and solving definite problems have become fundamental. Using SEO gets a better traffic conversion rate as compared to social media. However, for getting the best results, you must stay away from distinct myths. When you pay attention to these myths, you may hardly perform as a high-quality blogger and marketer. It will keep you away from improving your search traffic along with website ranking.

A well-known myth related to SEO is that it gets affiliated with different social media websites. Many marketers believe in this and use it to improve their ranking. However, there is no guarantee that your search engine ranking will go high if you use social media. However, do not fall for the myth that guest blogging is irrelevant. Thus using experts to contribute to your page is highly important. It sums up guest blogging.

The relevance of keyword tagging is questionable in guest blogging

Keywords are a crucial part of SEO strategy. They still matter in the long run in guest blogging. However, for revamping your search algorithm, you have to go beyond this. You cannot outdo keywords when targeting your content towards the client. Exact keywords are a key to a profound SEO strategy for high-quality content. Hence, you have to change your approach towards keyword targeting and research for guest blogging opportunities. Get more


It has become an easy process with the help of different applications. You have to obey these keyword ratios and focus on the intent. Pay attention to the algorithm and thereby make changes. Without the use of a keyword, you can hardly understand the searcher’s intent. Therefore the right keyword in guest blogging is crucial.

Why give attention to indexable pages with the help of meta robots

With the help of robot tags, you will understand which sites to ignore and where to crawl. If you want to keep the page confidential, you must use these tools to keep it away from public viewing. You may also use these tools for blocking web crawlers coming from different regions. Sometimes crawlers also crop up from specific web pages and folders. You may save your effort and time by using professional services from SEO New York. A fundamental point in SEO strategy and content marketing is limiting the number of crawlers on your website.

The link between ranking and using guest blog posts

When you talk about SEO strategy, you can hardly leave out top-level domains. They occupy a high position in this scenario. Just do not get confused with different extensions. Try to go beyond the field and use other parts for reliable keywords and data. There are certain Geo targetable domains that you can use for your purpose. These are location-specific and will provide you with a global audience.

You must understand these domains that relate to your industry and provide you with search users who will stop when you are into SEO content marketing. Remember that the field includes keywords. Finding an exact match may not be feasible all the time.  However, you should use keywords that will enhance the ranking of guest blog posts, thereby improving the user experience.

Hence, you must go for guest posts that are performing well. If you are an owner of a site, you may offer high-quality data, value, and social media to connect with your influencers.


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