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Best 7 Ways to Recover Your Ecommerce Store Sales in 2021

2020 has been an unexpected year for everyone. However, the E-commerce industry saw significant growth even in the pandemic situation. Besides the growth of the E-commerce industry, some business owners saw a serious breakthrough in 2020.

Also, as the E-commerce industry is flourishing there are millions of new startups entering the E-commerce world. As a newcomer, you are all set with your awesome E-commerce store with great design and amazing products. Launching an online store is the first step towards E-commerce sales. The further step involves marketing your products for the purpose of enhancing E-commerce sales.

It is crucial for every E-commerce business to know what to expect in 2021, hence here we are with 7 important tactics to recover your E-commerce store sales in 2021. 

Best 7 Ways to Recover Your E-commerce Store Sales in 2021:

As more people are shopping online, the E-commerce industry has become more competitive. To win the competition and stay ahead of your competitors, apply the below effective ways to sky-rocket your sales.

  • Get the most out of Email Marketing list

Email marketing is an effective way for increased ROI. If you do not have your Email list ready, first you need to do that. To build your email list, you can show a pop-up or opt-in checkbox at the checkout time.

After then you can conduct a giveaway or cross-sell product recommendations. When someone has bought a product from you, after a day or two, send them an email about complementary products. You can also use email marketing and get expert’s help from kasandz.com for promoting your holiday campaigns and offers. Send follow-up emails to customers about their orders. Send routine newsletters to your subscribers via email

  • Simplify the checkout process

Making the checkout process simpler is another strategy to increase sales. Removing the need to signup is one way to simplify the checkout process. Providing the option of checkout to guests proves to be a favorable approach.

Another way to make the checkout process simpler is by keeping fewer fields for customers to fill in. For example, provide the option to use the same address for delivery as their billing address. Using drop-down selection for shipping details helps customers to fill details quickly and smoothly eliminating spelling mistakes and other errors.

Practicing the above ways to simplify the checkout process, benefit in increasing conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rates.

  • Upsell and Cross-sell Strategy

Apply related products strategy to your online E-commerce store. Cross-sell products involve recommending products that are usually bought together. Give product suggestions when a customer adds an item to the cart.

Upselling involves recommending products of the higher category or upgraded versions of the product. It is noted that upsell is more effective than cross-sell products. You can provide a feature comparison of higher quality products with the one selected by the user. You might also give discounts on buying expensive products to encourage customers to buy more expensive products. Thus, it is an effortless method to encourage existing customers.

  • Implement FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

The feeling of scarcity and urgency gets the blood pumping. Creating a sense of urgency influences visitors to buy from you as soon as possible. If your products are available for a limited time period or at a discounted price, the customers tend to buy from you at the earliest knowing that later on, the product will not be available at much cheaper rates.

Ways to create the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) technique for E-commerce stores can include flash sales, countdown timer for offers, and taglines like “only x items remaining”, “limited stock”, “limited size availability”.

  • Be available on social Media

Building social media presence is a great way to let audiences know more about you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are some of the social networks that benefit E-commerce businesses according to their niche and business type. It provides space to add images and user-intended content about your products and services. Social media helps to engage with the audiences in a more informal way by showcasing your product’s usage in real life.

You can also add a social media section to your website’s homepage. For example, adding an Instagram section where the images are shown that are posted on the platform. It increases the time spent on the website and the users need not browse you on social media. They can know more about you by being just on the website. Utilize the Instagram Feed Pro plugin for Magento 2 to bring in more sales.

  • Give answers to all

In the sphere of online shopping, customers often have questions to ask as they cannot see the product in reality. Customers have questions to know more about the product, return policies, or the security of their data. Answering all the questions of the customers makes them feel cared for and allows them to make quick decisions for buying. Replying to customers builds brand trust and converts them into returning customers.

Think of the most common questions customers will have about your products and add them to your product pages. By doing this the customers can get a clear pathway to the buying decisions. Apart from this, promptly reply to user comments on social media.

  • Focus on Mobile Optimization

The M-commerce world is growing and people enjoy shopping on mobile. According to statistics, in 2021 the M-commerce sales will reach 53.9% of overall E-commerce sales. Thus, emphasizing mobile optimization is crucial for E-commerce businesses.

Make shopping easy and straightforward for mobile users. Know what mobile users want and optimize your site accordingly. Make navigation and checkout processes easy to increase the user experience. Keep fewer information fields to avoid customers leaving your site. If you want to generate more sales, optimize your site to work well on all platforms.

Wrap Up:

Raising your E-commerce sales where every corner of the world is opting for online shopping, is a challenge. Consider the ways we have mentioned and boost up your sales. Remember not all the tactics will work for you. Know your brand niche and your audience type to get the most out of your E-commerce business.

Author Bio: Zoya Scoot is a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist and Content Marketer at MageComp. With her exceptional research work on Magento, she has helpes MageComp to grow in many ways. Some of her articles are featured on Google SERPs, which drives lots of visitors.


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