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10 Easy SEO Techniques for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

Undoubtedly, SEO works as a strong foundation for both big and small businesses.


As an entrepreneur you find it difficult to balance the time between managing core activities such as manufacturing & sales versus  mandatory activities such as digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).


Understandably, core business activities are the heart of the business so is visibility, that is how your clients will know how to find you. As an entrepreneur you take SEO very seriously, nevertheless you often find yourself cash strapped, time strapped with too much work on your plate.


You have two choices, one is to delegate SEO to an SEO expert or to do it yourself.


So If you are planning to start an Ecommerce business or you are running one, Ecommerce SEO optimization is key to improve your visibility, organic traffic quality & rank high in the google search engine result pages (SERPs). In this article, we have made an attempt to equip you with quick and easy to understand SEO techniques that will allow you to optimize your website yourself or monitor your seo company with ease.


Here in this article we will cover the 10 Easy SEO Techniques for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs that are really going to be very helpful for time strapped entrepreneurs.


So ready to dive right in? Let’s go.


10 Easy SEO Techniques for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

Technique 1: Target Technical SEO

You might know how important technical SEO is for optimizing your website. It is basically a procedure to optimize your site pages in such a way that it’s easier for the crawlers to understand everything written on your site to rank your site higher in the SERPs. The crawlers check the speed of your site, security, links, and other important things that are required to promote your content.

Suppose you have a good writing skill, but still if you have not taken technical SEO into account then it will be nearly impossible for your site to rank higher in the SERPs. Therefore whenever you create a new content, check the quality of it from a technical outlook.


Not all problems can be solved easily so leaving them for engineers is the best thing one could do. You heard that right! Here we are talking about making some important things sure that they are up to date or not. Such as Speed, security, data structure, etc.


Not having that technical backdrop? No problem! You can try the below given points-


  • Sitemap creation and submission- You can easily create a sitemap with the help of the plugins. If you are a WordPress user, then you can use Yoast SEO plugin. This way your sitemap gets generated instinctively. You can use Google search console in order to submit a sitemap.
  • Get rid of old pages- It affects your ranking in the SERPs if you have kept old pages with no traffic at all.
  • Fix links- Bots always checks if your site has broken links or old links and then only it makes its decision of checking your site. If your site has a lot of broken or old links then it will take it’s step back and won’t let you rank high in the SERPs. Therefore it’s important to check the links and fix them if they are broken.
  • Use Alt Text- You should never ignore the images and their description. Use those images only that are relevant for your content with suitable captions.

If you think that these are a lot to handle then no worries. The Ahref SEO Audit Tool is there to help you. This way you can fix the areas of weakness with very easy and simple guidance.

Very low effort is required to implement the fixes. So go on now!

Technique 2: Target Local SEO

Local queries are often asked in search engine result pages like the chemist shop near me, Food shop near me, etc. Even if you search for a chemist only then also it will prioritize the local options and will show the nearest chemist shop that matches your location, instantly. Google algorithms work like this only.

Setting up a good GMB profile is a main part to consider for a local SEO. You can maintain it easily and on top of that it’s free.


All you have to do is, fill up the important details and other information such as your contact number and address and be rest assured. Your private info will be kept private only.


You will start getting reviews alerts from your customers. Respond and initiate the conversation.


Next important characteristic of GMB or Google My Business is the section of question and answers. Just think and write the answers of all the possible questions that could come up from your potential customers.


Last but not the least characteristic of Google My business is to register your business only with the help of the local directories. Yahoo, Four square, Yellow Pages are some of the examples of the local directories. You can take help from any of them and let your business expand more and reach new audiences.

Very low effort is needed to take these steps. So yeah, Go on. Learn more about how to perform local SEO tasks effortlessly.

Technique 3: Find Well-Researched Keywords

If you know what the prospective customer is looking for, then it will be very easy for you to write the content and attract him. And if you will be able to write an answer which would satisfy your customer then SERP will recognize your page and will make it appear at the top.

But for this it’s important to do keyword research. Fortunately, many tools are available that help you in finding relevant keywords for your business and in the fastest way possible. It is the best SEO technique for time strapped entrepreneurs.

After finding out the relevant keywords, target them in your content. This will draw your customers towards your page and you can easily rank up by getting recognized by the search engines.


Average level effort is required to take a step for this technique for time strapped entrepreneurs.


Technique 4: Optimize On-page SEO

On-page SEO optimization is really very important. The main thing that it focuses on is your content , its words and it’s structure. If you have a well structured content then higher chances are that your page can get placed in the search results.

You can do the following mentioned things-


  • Give importance to your Headline- When it comes to click through rate factor, then the main factor that is considered is your Headline. CTR is the percentage of those who check your headline and click on it. Your headline should be catchy enough to make people attracted towards your content.
  • Header Tags- Headers tags are also an important factor to consider. You should know which header you are using in each section.
  • Meta Tags- You should always check that the description that you’re giving about your content matches it or not.

Low effort is required to take a step for this technique for time strapped entrepreneurs.


Technique 5: Streamline Content Marketing

Both time and skill is required to do content marketing, you need high quality content to lead here. You can follow the given tips to do best content marketing.

  • Stop following the same format all the time in all your content. You are making a restricted boundary for yourself by doing this. This way you will not get new ideas. Using templates is what you can do.
  • Generally people forget to add video content in their pages forgetting this too that there are a lot of internet users who like to watch videos instead of reading your post. So create videos and do your content marketing in a special way.
  • Relying on organic search only is never a good idea. Use different social media platforms and share your content there. This is a great way to expand your online business. Therefore, don’t wait and keep hustling.
  • Having a great landing page should be the soul of your SEO technique. You can do all the things to make your SEO process right and get organic traffic to your website exponentially. But if that traffic is not turning into leads then it is of no use, so having the right landing page design is really very necessary.

Medium effort is required to step up for this technique for time strapped entrepreneurs.

Technique 6: Build Authority With Links

Backlinks are very helpful in improving your rank in the SERPs. This helps Google to consider your page both quality and quantity wise. More the number of your pages linked, more are the chances to rank higher. This is an amazing and powerful technique for time strapped entrepreneurs.

Resource for you :Link Building Basics for Effective SEO


Outreach strategy is needed to build links (local). You can also simply use Alexa’s backlink tool and get your work done in a good time.


High amount of effort is required to make a step up for this technique for time-strapped entrepreneurs. If you don’t have enough time then you can outsource your link-building process to a seo company as well.


Technique 7: Monitor Your SEO Performance

If you are not monitoring your SEO performance then every tactic that you are using as a technique and a SEO strategy is pointless. Make sure that you monitor everything going on your site, continuously.

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It could be a little difficult to analyze your SEO performance as to what is working for your site and what’s not working.


Although if you know what you have to monitor then surely it would be easy for you to monitor the specific things.

  • High bounce rate pages
  • Relevant keywords that attract users.
  • Content type with more popularity.
  • Upticked pages.


Some tools that you can use are-

Google Analytics


Google Search Console

Moderate time is required to initiate this monitoring technique for time-strapped entrepreneurs.


Technique 8: Mobile friendly Content


Most of the people do search from their phone itself. You should keep in mind that a good percentage of organic traffic is going to come from mobile devices only, therefore be prepared to prepare mobile friendly content.

Bots prefer mobile friendly pages content over others. This is because most of the users have been doing online shopping through their phone only.

You can use a mobile friendly tool if you need some insights to improve your site.


Technique 9: Readable URL Structure


It’s very important that the URL structure you are adding is simple as well as readable. Suppose your URL structure is not upto the mark and is quite difficult to read then neither your customer will be interested in checking out your content nor the search engines.

Therefore don’t take it for granted and try to use a simple, easy and a readable URL structure.

  • Your Url should not include any number.
  • Avoid vowels


Technique 10: Domain Name

As per https://blinkclickmedia.com/ it’s important that you consider the domain name of your page.

You should not change it regularly.

If you want success then this is important for you to understand that changing domain name again and again will not take you anywhere. Instead you should stick to the one.


So you have a fantastic business going on, right? But what If Google doesn’t show your online marketing website in it’s search results?  What’s the use of that great business if you get no place in the online marketing world? Use the above techniques to rock your website’s performance.


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