January 4


How High-Quality Infographics Can Boost Your SEO Performance?

 Living in the age of the internet means dependency on gadgets and collecting information from the web. Infographics are the representation of information or data using charts, diagrams, and illustrations. The information acquires the status of being visually rich and hence becomes empowered to attract the attention of the readers. Anything that is in an appealing format has a higher chance of grabbing the audience attention. So, you may ask me the next question; how are infographics and SEO related?

The simplest answer to the question is that when people spend more time on a particular website watching the infographics, the SEO of the website is naturally impacted. Hence, infographics are directly related to the boost in SEO of the site.

How high-quality infographics can boost your SEO performance?

Infographics can increase the SEO performance of the website/blog by 95%. It is possible to convey a complex message easily through high-quality infographics. Most web visitors are called visual learners because they tend to stop and spend time on information or data that is visually attractive.

If you fast forward to today, you will realise that infographics have come stronger and more convincingly. As the popularity of social media has increased and is continually increasing, infographics are shared triple times more than textual content. Statistics reveal that people using the internet pay more attention to the information that carries images. Hence, the same content is likely to be read more than a text article.

Infographics carry information in the form of text and visuals. Following are the pointers that will help in boosting the SEO of the websites.

  • Ability to go viral

Good and impressive infographics have the credibility and ability to go viral. Three important elements can help the infographics go viral. It should have an out-of-the-box design that makes it visually appealing. It should have interesting and factual facts. The promotion and outreach of the infographic are other important elements that aid it to go viral. Social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn play a pivotal role in sharing content leading to the content going viral.

  • Keyword-oriented infographic attracts SEO

Do keyword research before finalizing your infographic. Yes, you heard it right. Keyword plays a pivotal role here also because the ultimate goal is to get SEO.

  • Easily available templates in apps

Several apps are easily available and the users can make use of any of the same for the designing of the infographic. Apps like Canva are mostly used by users because these have impressive templates of infographics.

  • User engagement

The user’s attention span is approximately less than 6 seconds and it is enough for them to judge the potential of user engagement in the site. If the site has an impressive representation of high-quality infographics, then it can hold the attention of the users for a longer time. You will enjoy an upsurge for your website/blog/social media account only if the infographic offers the information sought by the users.

  • Curated and factual content around infographics

Standalone infographics cannot perform well alone. Curating good and impressive content around the infographic is important. Spend a good time creating engaging content. Promotion of the infographic is also an important part of drawing SEO for the sites. To promote the infographic, you can use platforms like Reddit.

  • Backlinks 

Backlinks are another great way for infographics to draw the attention of users. It enables to attract more followers’ subscribers and likes that eventually leads to boosting of the SEO for the websites.

  • Google’s algorithm to rank page

Undoubtedly, high-quality infographics can rank the page in the search engine page results or SERP.

Digital Marketing companies like Mind Digital can also help to guide the customers and reach their marketing/promotional goals with ease with the help of strategic designation of services.

It is significant to understand the logic behind an online marketing plan. Embedding an impressive infographic can help the users to carve a good marketing plan for their promotional requirements. The web pages get the user’s attention easily to boosts SEO and finally get featured in the search engine pads. So, pat your back and think that you have achieved the end of your infographic has generated the desired result.


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